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Man of Steel meets Mag Drive Power

Mag Drive Power

The recent release of the new Superman film, Man of Steel, has coincided nicely with the release of our new Verdermag Global Brochure. And as our design engineers will tell you, super strength, speed and near-invulnerability are all qualities possessed by our pumps. At the risk of geeking out, let’s see how the two compare.

Everyone knows what Superman’s powers are; strength, speed and the ability to leap tall buildings in a single building. While these abilities are normally attributed to his extraterrestrial life form, which harnesses energy from our sun, these same properties can be found on our native Earth, in the form of Verder’s Global Mag Drive pumps.

Firstly, let’s deal with super strength and near-invulnerability. Bearings made of silicon carbide, the same material used in ceramic brake discs on supercars and in bullet-proof vests, provide high tolerance to thermal shock and pressure, along with extreme hardness and resistance to wear. Quality casting of pump ends improves the accuracy and efficiency of the product.

A design free of mechanical seals ensures a leak-free operation. We’re not saying they’re stronger than Superman, but while he is vulnerable to Kryptonite our pumps can safely deal with aggressive fluids with ease.

Our focus on premium components translates into a highly efficient and reliable operation, with pumps offering flow rates up to 200 cubic meters an hour. Rather than the use of mechanical seals, Global pumps are hermetically sealed (just like the spaceship that brought the infant Superman to Earth – Ed), protecting the environment from the fluid allowing the pumps to operate without risk to the workforce.

The new Style 1 pump also comes with a lead time of under two weeks, meaning your order can be with you in less time than it takes Clark Kent to overtake a speeding bullet.

From the ubiquitous ‘S’ symbol emblazoned on Superman’s chest to the striking fashion statement of wearing red underpants on the outside of blue tights, our double epoxy paint specification may lack such boldness but it is highly resistant to chemicals, with low porosity and extremely robust bond strength.

What’s more, if a process needs a paint finish that is compatible with a particular hazard you can inform us when specifying your pump, unlike poor Superman who’s stuck with the decision an artist made in 1933 about his attire.

Superman is often touted as the ultimate superhero, able to triumph in any situation. This same quality is present in our Verdermag Global pumps. The Model Style 1, Model Mark 2 and Global Model High Pressure all excel in their individual fields.

By offering pump services tailored to industry directives and organisational specifications, we deliver super service while still wearing our underwear on the inside.

Verder (UK) Ltd

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