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Media Filter and ETS-UV System Selected for Beverage Water Pre-RO Filtration & Disinfection

Neptune Benson is proud to announce its Defender and ETS-UV systems have been chosen by Krier Foods for their filtration and disinfection needs.

The NSF 61 approved equipment, designed for beverage water Pre-RO (Reverse Osmosis) filtration and UV disinfection, utilises two Defender Regenerative Media Filters (RMF), dual greendrive™ VFD systems, coupled with an ETS-UV chamber and NEMA 4X integrated control solution. The Defenders filters are capable of removing particles down to 1 micron in size and filtering 550 gpm. They significantly reduce water consumption by eliminating backwash and also offer energy savings within a small, space saving footprint.

The ETS-UV unit is an ECF-430-12 medium pressure, multiple lamp disinfection system, capable of disinfecting up to 700 gpm. Control of the systems is provided via Neptune Benson’s advanced RMF System Controller, providing ease of use, remote functionality and FDA PMO equivalent water data logging capabilities. The RMF System Controller provides detailed information on system usage, monitoring pressure and performance to ensure the highest quality water. The Defender and ETS-UV system work exceptionally well together, providing an unparalleled filtration/disinfection solution.

The Defender RMF’s replace a traditional sand bed filtration system and are projected to save Krier Foods in excess of 1.2 million gallons of backwash water per year. They are also expected to reduce RO system downtime by 50% and will take up half of the footprint of the original sand bed filtration system.

“This is a really exciting project for us.” said Paul F Nehlen III, Senior VP of Operations and Engineering at Neptune Benson. “It demonstrates the versatility of our Defender line of filters and is a great showcase for how our filtration and UV disinfection solutions work in tandem.”

The Defender provides advanced system control through its intuitive RMF System Controller. Its graphic interface allows quick and easy control of bump and precoat cycles, pneumatic valves, recirculation pumps, vacuum transfer system, heater cool down delay, data logging and maintenance reminders. It also features the unique ability to remotely manage operations. This cutting edge feature allows operators to keep track of system performance even when working on other tasks or while they are away from the facility. Remote monitoring/operation can be done through any web browser or smart phone.

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