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Metal Recovery Solutions For The Recycling Industry

Reliable separation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals is an important element of today’s recycling industry with a distinct emphasis being placed upon achieving maximum recovery

Eriez Magnetics Europe will be exhibiting the latest separation solutions available for efficient metal recovery and maximum product purity.

Eriez’ extensive range of recycling equipment, which includes Overband Magnets, Eddy Current Separators, Metal Separators and Magnetic Drums, allows for the consistent recovery of valuable metals helping waste material processors increase their profits. At the show, Eriez will be demonstrating an array of fully operational equipment including ferrous, non-ferrous and metal detection solutions. Visitors are invited to bring sample materials to the stand to see the separation performance of the units.

Eriez understands that customers in the recycling industry are continually looking to achieve increased levels of recovery, a requirement that is satisfied through the company’s focus on continuing product development and improvement.  As a result, there have been many advances in the last few years in the solutions that Eriez offers, including the launch of a pioneering Eddy Current Separator design for maximum non-ferrous removal, which has proven to be a huge success for Eriez and will feature as a focal point.

Commenting on Eriez’ attendance at IFAT this year, Gareth Meese, Sales Director said, “It’s an extremely exciting time here at Eriez Magnetics. We have made significant developments with regards to both ferrous and non-ferrous separation solutions, which we are excited to announce prior to the IFAT show. We are confident that these developments will allow Eriez to further strengthen its market position and continue to provide pioneering separation solutions to the recycling industry and beyond.”

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