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Model Glovebox to Stimulate Careers in Nuclear Industries

model glovebox

A demonstration/educational glovebox, commissioned by the National Nuclear Laboratory to enhance public understanding and recruitment and training of young people for emerging job vacancies in the nuclear industry, is proving a hit at science events and government departments in Whitehall.

‘We were very pleased with both the excellent service we received from Hosokawa and with the glovebox itself. We have already used it at a number of events, including the “Amazed by Science” festival in Cheshire, a demonstration of NNL’s work at the head offices of the Government’s Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Department in Whitehall, and our own annual Science and Technology Conference in Manchester.

On each occasion it has proved an excellent way to discuss the work we do and to engage people of all ages in conversation and practical experiments,’ says Adrian Bull, NNL’s Director of External Relations

The compact, portable unit can be used by all ages to demonstrate tasks common within the scientific fields of nuclear, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and healthcare. In these industries tasks such as material analysis, sampling, operational engineering and waste management are all carried out within a protected glovebox environment.

The acrylic glovebox replicates a full-size working glovebox and students using it can see for themselves the specialist skills required to complete tasks with the challenges of working in a protective environment with limited access and when using protective gloves.

Design engineer, Adam Harper, Hosokawa Micron says, ‘Whether used in schools, educational fairs or science events we hope this interactive model glovebox will be the catalyst for learning and hopefully the stimulus for a new STEM career path for many of today’s students. We hope people will ‘have a go’ at different interactive tests and challenges to share an insight into the practical processing tasks typically carried out within a protective, contamination-controlled environment and will see their future in the diversity of engineering opportunities open to them.’

As nuclear power continues its resurgence as an alternative energy source offering reduced carbon emissions, the need for exceptional and skilled workers increases. With nuclear build in the UK now confirmed, public perception and understanding of nuclear power, particularly at secondary and tertiary education level is a key issue in engaging with job seekers and the community and it is hoped that the demonstration glovebox can play its part in stimulating interest about the career prospects in all sectors of the nuclear and other science-based industries.


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