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Portable Dosing Rig Helps Continuous Monitoring and Treatment of Sulphur Dioxide

In the bad old days when energy providers had a free hand to pollute to their hearts content, the phrases acid rain or global warming didn’t exist

That was then. Today, thankfully, it’s all very different. Companies using processes that involve the burning of a fossil fuel, household waste or bio-mas – or a combination of these with other combustible matter thrown in for good measure – are literally cleaning up their collective acts and a company helping them to do this is Ingredient Batching Systems.

Tim Stewardson is the Managing Director of Ingredient Batching Systems: “Sulphur Dioxide from exhaust flue gasses is a cause of acid rain. Some years ago, legislation was introduced that demanded the continuous monitoring and treatment of Sulphur Dioxide in chimney stacks using hydrated lime. The systems that are used to deliver the hydrated lime to the point in chimney stacks where it will do the most good sometimes need to be closed down for repair or maintenance. When this happens, flue gas treatment ceases temporarily. We realised that what was needed was a portable dosing rig that could be brought on-line when needed.”

The dosing rig designed by Tim Stewardson is a self-contained mobile, metering and weighing conveying system. It can either be linked directly to a silo containing lime or be ‘fed’ by one or two tonne FIBC’s.

One of Europe’s largest suppliers of hydrated Lime is Buxton based L’hoist UK who have been instrumental in testing the rigs by organising on-site trials with some of their customers. “With the trial versions of the dosing rig, we adopted a level of flexibility in the engineering which allowed us the freedom to make modifications easily” says Tim Stewardson. “The latest versions have been fully trialled and are ready to go to work.”

Because the dosing rig is a modular design, Ingredient Batching Systems has an extremely competitive pricing policy.

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