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Manufacturers Request Multi-camera Photo Evidence Systems

IVS witnesses’ significant increase in image saving and archiving requests to protect manufacturers against customer complaints

There has been a significant increase in organisations requesting multi-camera image archiving systems for end of line photo save and recall vision systems, according to new figures released today. Industrial Vision Systems Ltd (IVS) a supplier of machine vision solutions to industry, has seen a 45% increase in requests for such systems throughout the first half of 2015 as customers, predominantly from within the automation, medical device, and pharmaceutical sectors look to combine automated image inspection with archiving to ensure protection against customer complaints.

Such vision systems are typically used for safe guarding against later product recalls from customers by archiving high resolution photographs of every product leaving the factory for traceability. This provides evidence that products were of the correct quality prior to being delivered in case of disputes.

With manufacturing making up the third largest sector in the UK economy employing approximately 2.7 million people, Earl Yardley, IVS Director, believes resilience for the sector is crucial. However, despite UK manufacturing reporting further growth in May 2015, there are still factors exposing manufacturers to new threats such as customer complaints, which need to be addressed if this growth can be sustained and reputations remain in-tact.

Earl Yardley comments: “Manufacturers require vision systems for photo evidence throughout the production process, and this has taken a notable rise as they look to protect themselves and their products against potential customer complaints. This can give an organisation added peace of mind, knowing that they can prove the condition the products were in as they left their factory.

“Having a simple image record archive of every product manufactured tagged with the serial number, date, time and batch number is now a vital tool in the modern production line and can be referred to any time to ensure product protection. Clearly this is now a high-profile boardroom topic amongst manufacturers as they aim to protect their reputation quickly and efficiently against complaints by presenting customers with all the relevant data and images.”

Launched in 2000, IVS manage the design, installation and commissioning of quality control vision systems for manufacturing companies. Their vision systems are used for inspection, guidance, identification, measurement, tracking and counting. Its systems are reputed to be some of the most innovative and advanced machine vision solutions on the market today, successfully deployed in thousands of systems around the world.

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