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New application achieves better quality and reduced explosion risk when drying amino acids

Francis Chartrand

GEA Barr-Rosin has recently been awarded a new contract to supply its ROSINAIRE™ paddle dryer to a multi-national food ingredients company for the gentle and efficient drying of amino acids. The ROSINAIRE™ provides effective drying of this thermally sensitive product and offers a level of quality and operational safety that is so far unmatched in the food industry.

In contrast to directly heated drying technologies which use hot air as the drying medium, the unique design of the ROSINAIRE™ with its high-speed rotor, promotes a thin-layer of moving product against the dryer’s jacketed shell, resulting in efficient heat and mass transfer. Without this indirect heating, thermally sensitive food products, such as these amino acids can be dried without oxidation or the risk of thermal damage and loss of nutritional value.

Explosion protection
For stability and shelf-life, amino acids and other food additives need to be dried to low moisture contents. At such levels, these products can require very little activation energy to explode and so it is advantageous to keep oxygen levels to a minimum, thereby ensuring a safe environment. Using the indirectly heated jacket, the design of the GEA Barr-Rosin ROSINAIRE™ minimises the presence of oxygen and the subsequent risk of explosion.

This continuous amino acid drying application also benefits from low power consumption, and consistent residence time, ensuring a homogeneous product without oxidation.

Practical operation, easy cleaning and low product losses
“In the past companies have used inferior batch paddle dryers and heated mixers for this application,” explained Francis Chartrand from GEA Barr-Rosin. “However these batch processes do not have the safety benefits of the ROSINAIRE™ and they are not so practical to operate.” In comparison, the ROSINAIRE™ with its thin-layer heat and mass transfer has very little product in residence at any one time so it can be easily stopped, restarted and cleaned with the minimum of product losses.

Additional benefits of the ROSINAIRE™ technology include: small footprint, robust reliable design, relatively short residency time, the ability to handle a wide particle size distribution and the fact that there are no rotary joints that can cause leaks or allow contamination into the product. In summary, this is a perfect combination for such a value added-application.

Dominique Kuehner
Sales and Marketing Manager
GEA Barr-Rosin
+44 1628 641700
Email: dominique.kuehner@gea.com

GEA Barr-Rosin

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