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New Boiler Plant Increases Renewable Fuel Energy Production

KPA UNICON delivers a biomass fired boiler plant to Porvoo Energy in Finland

Porvoo Energy will increase the production of district heat with the new boiler plant which will be built in Loviisa, Finland. With this new boiler plant the use of renewable fuels in energy production increases from 70 % to 90 %. The groundbreaking ceremony was held on the 14th of September.

This Unicon Biograte 10 MWth biomass boiler plant will use local wood based biomass such as bark and wood chips as fuel. The new plant will serve as a base load plant and produce hot water to the city of Loviisa´s district heating network. The existing 7 MWth boiler plant will serve during peak loads and as a reserve plant in the future.

The delivery is a turnkey delivery including Unicon Biograte combustion technology, all process equipment, buildings, installation works, commissioning and training of the operational personnel. The plant will be handed over to the customer in April 2016.

The parties have also signed a five year service agreement. The service agreement facilitates forecasting of service and maintenance work at the plant. This also guarantees the best availability of the plant.

“The service agreement is a good example of the new thinking towards life cycle services. Life cycle services have become a very important factor when choosing the boiler plant supplier”, says Jukka Rouhiainen, Development Director of Porvoo Energy. “The main factor in choosing KPA Unicon to supply the new boiler plant was that their solution was the most suitable for us, in operational value, price and as an investment.”

“We at KPA Unicon offer responsible energy solution where the main focus is in energy efficiency, low emissions and low life cycle service costs. The plant we are delivering to Loviisa will use local renewable fuels to produce energy with low operational costs. We also want to secure high availability of the plant, and this is what we have agreed on in the service agreement. We want to be close to our customer”s energy production even after the plant is up and running”, says Teemu Koskela, Sales Director of KPA Unicon.

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