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New Generation 180-1000 kVA & 660-1000 Alternators Launched

Leroy-Somer Electric Power Generation in Emerson today announced the launch of two new Leroy-Somer products that will renew the brand offering in the 180-1000 kVA power range.The Leroy-Somer LSA 46.3 180 – 365 kVA (400V – 50Hz) generator features an improved power density over its predecessor, the LSA 46.2.

The bulk of the body has been significantly reduced thanks to an innovative and improved air cooling system, and an integration of the excitation system in the main body of the machine. The new design of the connection box allows for a quicker wiring of the machine and easier access to key electronics for maintenance.

The Leroy-Somer LSA 49.3 660 – 1000 kVA (400V – 50Hz) alternator also benefits from a reduced footprint, with enhanced electromechanical performances. The electrical performances of the LSA 49.3 have also been increased, with an efficiency now up to 95% and a high motor starting capability. The LSA 49.3 terminal box has been optimised for faster deployment and to provide a better support to the latest generation of digital regulators.

»The launch of these new products demonstrates our continuous commitment to innovation and growth.» said Xavier Trenchant, President of the Electric Power Generation division »In a challenging economic environment, we continue to invest to better anticipate our customers´ expectations. This means that our products are continuously improving to deliver top-of-the-range performances, offering reliable, cost-efficient solutions for demanding applications. We have also recently extended our offering to provide a competitive solution on less demanding applications. Consequently, we do provide the best value proposition to our customers across all power ranges and types of applications, keeping our historical focus on quality and services.»

The LSA 46.3 and LSA 49.3 are optimised for continuous and demanding applications, including marine, power plants, cogeneration, rental or critical standby in commercial and industrial premises.

The Leroy-Somer LSA 46.3 and LSA 49.3 will be available to order starting Q3 2015.

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