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New Laser Sensor Heads Offer Sensing Range up to 350mm

The new variety of laser sensor heads makes it possible to perform measurements over a sensing range of up to 350mm and with a resolution of 0.025µm, respectively. This includes measuring shiny and jet black objects.

The HL-C2 offers the optimal performance

The analog laser displacement sensors of the HL-C2 series are designed for industrial use and feature a high precision with a resolution of 0.025µm, a high sampling frequency of up to 100kHz, and a low linearity error (max. ±0,02%).

Thanks to the receiving element with a CMOS chip especially developed for this sensor, both the measuring resolution and the measuring frequency of the HL-C2 series take the laser displacement sensors to a new level. A new high-resolution optical lens system, which has been designed and optimised by a specialised software, guarantees a minimum of imaging errors and at the same time creates the smallest possible beam spot on the HDLC CMOS chip. In addition, the laser light source is of high quality and features a patented controlling mechanism for the transmission power. A fast signal processor with specially adapted algorithms allows signal processing and digitalisation in real time.

Sensors suitable for diffuse reflecting, jet black and also shiny surfaces

Different sensor heads with spot and line type laser beams and a measurement range of 8 to 350mm are available for all types of applications. The sensor heads of the HL-C2 series are optimally suited both for diffuse reflective and shiny surfaces. The compact controller HL-C2C emphasises the performance of the new series. Apart from the voltage and current outputs for measurement signals, the HL-C2 comes with an I/O controller, which offers time and trigger functions, external interlock, laser control, and adjustment functions for limit values, zero and offset.

Further features are the Ethernet and USB 2.0 interfaces for fast transmission of measuring data to a PC. Alternatively, you can choose a model with an RS232 serial port for connection with a PLC. As the sensor heads and controller can be exchanged easily, the series is optimal for many different measuring tasks and helps to minimise costs and maintenance.

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