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New Software Offers Reliable Pharmaceutical Labelling and Identification

Pharmaceutical coding and product handling specialist Travtec has introduced a new software suite that enables companies to ensure that regulatory requirements regarding product labelling and identification are being reliably and consistently met.

The new portable CheQAssure™ system eliminates the risk of human error in code checking to provide effective batch verification and quality control and avoid the costs associated with product recall or reworking.  Additional software can also be integrated into the system to provide solutions for anti-counterfeiting and track & trace.

With the growing complexity of information contained in individual bar codes, CheQAssure™ is able to check all details automatically.  By comparison, traditional hand held systems merely list the information contained in a bar code, which then has to be manually checked against the original by an operator.  With a potential of more than 60 characters encoded in the 2d code, the chances of mistakes are high, but by using the CheQAssure system these risks can be eliminated.

The robust handheld scanner is able to read all types of bar code formats including Datamatrix, EAN 128 and ITF 14 versions.  The scanner can be used to verify codes on the packing line or linked to smartphones and tablets for mobile operation.

CheQAssure™ software is password protected to ensure that only nominated users have access to the system.  An electronic signature can also be included.

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