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New Vision System Delivers Vital FMD Quality Checks

Travtec,Lixis PVS

Pharmaceutical coding specialist Travtec has introduced a new vision system into its equipment portfolio

The Lixis PVS is a high-end OCR/OCV imaging system that offers reliability, accuracy and speed for a wide variety of inspection requirements throughout the packaging process.  In particular, it provides effective monitoring to ensure that coding operations are meeting the requirements of the forthcoming EC Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD).

The Lixis PVS can carry out a variety of quality checks.  Its character recognition software reads both pre-printed and in-line printing and it automatically detects shift or rotation variations.  Colour verification can also be specified.  All types of barcodes can be monitored including standard formats (EAN, Code 128), pharmaceutical industry variants such as Pharmacode, and Datamatrix and 1D and 2D codes.  In addition, the system can be programmed to check the accuracy of logos and artwork and for the presence and position of labels, caps and other items.

An easy-to-use colour touchscreen interface, including on-screen help and interactive tutorial, ensures fast set up and simple day-to-day operation.  An unlimited number of pre-set patterns and character details can be stored in the memory for fast changeovers, and detailed production reports and defective images can be outputted for process analysis.

The Lixis PVS is easy to integrate into existing production equipment including cartoners, leaflet folders, labelling machines, blistering machines, carton codifiers and tube fillers.  Up to 800 images per minute can be verified depending on the application.

The new vision system joins Travtec’s proven range of pharmaceutical coding equipment including the Wolke m600 thermal inkjet printer, and the Pharmacarton Elite online and TR-760-TT offline carton feeders, meaning the company can provide a bespoke coding and monitoring system tailored to the needs of individual customers.

“This is an important addition to our range,” comments Travtec Group managing director Harry Thomason.

“Pack and coding accuracy have always been essential for any pharmaceutical packing operation but the new requirements of the FMD will make it all the more important that companies not only comply with the regulations but ensure that their equipment continues to operate effectively.  Our new Lixis PVS will provide the necessary level of quality control and reassurance.”

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