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New white paper from WES explains how to select the right chemical dosing system

A new white paper from WES, the leading UK manufacturer of chemical dosing systems for the water and wastewater sector, will help owners of industrial processing and water or wastewater treatment plants in matching chemical dosing systems to their applications, sites and process conditions.

“With so many different technologies, equipment manufacturers and product variants, buyers can find the choice overwhelming,” says WES Managing Director, Kevin Wheeler. “As an independent voice, not linked to any single manufacturer, we are in a position to give unbiased advice and expertise based on our deep knowledge and experience in this field.” The white paper, entitled “Selecting the right chemical dosing system”, explains the key components and highlights the main factors to bear in mind while comparing approaches and products.

Operating principles, advantages and drawbacks of the various pump categories are presented in some detail as well as factors influencing pump selection.

Different levels of control sophistication and pump size are discussed, and the importance of keeping within a pre-set range for ‘turndown ratio’ – the ratio between maximum and minimum output – is stressed. Additional components and accessories associated with the system’s pipework are dealt with in turn.

A summary of key criteria to be considered when specifying components begins with the nature and concentration of the chemicals handled, and the effect of any heat or vapours produced. Viscosity and solid content of liquids also has a major bearing.

“We conclude with two fundamental issues which must be addressed at the planning stage,” Kevin Wheeler adds. “The first is whether you have sufficient suitably skilled operations and maintenance personnel to make the system a feasible option for your plant. The second is whether process interruption can be tolerated. If not, you need to make provision for back-upequipment.”

The white paper can be downloaded now from the WES website here .

For further information, contact: WES Group, Precision House, Rankine Road, Basingstoke, RG24 8PP. Email [email protected] Web: www.wes.ltd.uk


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