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Nitrogen Gas Charging Kit Introduced for Pneumatic or Gaseous Systems

Hydrotechnik UK have launched its new universal worldwide nitrogen gas charging kit for accumulators, dampers, fire suppression and other pneumatic or gaseous systems

The Nottingham-based company has designed the kit specifically for service engineers who work on a range of hydraulic systems and accumulator types to make sure they have everything they need on site, wherever they are in the world.

Richard Price, Managing Director at Hydrotechnik, said: “We are very excited about the new universal worldwide nitrogen gas charging kit which we’ve designed to suit all budgets and requirements. There are literally hundreds of accumulators on the market so we hope our new universal kit will be warmly welcomed by service engineers and help make their jobs a little bit easier, wherever they may be!”

The kit’s charging connections are based around Hydrotechnik”s Minimess leak proof gas charging valves which are widely adopted and allow an operator to connect and disconnect under full system pressure without the loss of gas or pressure.

Suitable up to 630 bar, Minimess charging and testing valves are a dual purpose connection with a reliable positive screwed connection, allowing for safe charging and discharging of gas.  In fact they are often specified by engineers for these very reasons.

The kit comes with a high quality pressure regulator that allows connection to a wide selection of nitrogen bottle adaptors and easily allows for quick, easy and safe setting of the charge pressure required from 1 bar up to 630 bar.

The kit contains an accumulator charging device which is connected to the bottle pressure regulator via a flexible Minimess hose. It also has a supplementary gauge.

A large range of valve adaptors are included in the kit which gives engineers access to most bladder, diaphragm or piston accumulators on the market today, wherever they are in the world.

Accumulators are typically used alongside hydraulic power packs as an auxiliary power storage device to quickly and safely operate a system but can also be used as the power to start very large diesel engines in the marine industry or as the energy source to activate the brake callipers on wind turbines. Other typical applications for accumulators include emergency and safety; shock or pulsation dampening; leakage compensation; thermal expansion; energy conservation; noise reduction and improved response times.

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