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Nylon Filter Cartridge Optimised for Petrochemical Processing

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With maximum operating temperatures of 150°C and compatibility with petrochemical products including aromatics, Amazon Filters SupaSpun II Nylon filter cartridges provide unmatched performance for use in refineries and other downstream chemical processing applications including alkylation units and caustic removal processes.

Compatibility with oils, fats, and other hydrocarbons combined with high stability allows processing of these fluids at higher temperatures and lower viscosities than polypropylene filters would allow, leading to higher process throughputs and longer filter cartridge life, reducing manufacturing costs.

Available in absolute micron ratings from 1 to 180 and with lengths and end cap configurations to suit most industry standard fittings and housings, the fully thermally welded all Nylon 6 construction of the SupaSpun II filter avoids the weakness and extractables risk of adhesive bonded products.

nylon filter cartridge

High quality spun bonded depth filters are trusted for their combination of absolute filter ratings, high contaminant retention capacity across a range of particulate sizes, and ability to be fitted with securely sealing end caps guaranteeing no bypass.

SupaSpun II Nylon cartridge filters from Amazon Filters are supported by extensive validation information and are fully batch traceable back to the original material source.

For further information on SupaSpun II Nylon cartridge filters for downstream petrochemical applications please visit here or contact Amazon Filters on +44-1276-670600 / [email protected].

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