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Online & Manual Display Systems for Efficient Maintenance

Simple and effective communication is a vital part of efficient plant and asset management where all parties have a clear understanding of their (and others) responsibilities and an understanding of ‘current status’.

Also, the need to meet the increasing requirements associated with health and safety and compliance issues is becoming increasingly important in today’s workplace.  An excellent and proven method of communicating key information is provided by the products available from T Cards Direct who will be exhibiting The Plant & Asset Management Show 2016 at the NEC, 12 – 14 April stand P241.

Products on display include the successful T Cards Online system which enables users to manage workflow in real time using the simple drag-and-drop technique, moving cards around the ‘online board’ to reflect current status. Launched in 2010, T Cards Online has become established as the market leading online workflow monitoring system and benefits hundreds of customers across the UK who appreciate the convenience and flexibility of online access to essential information.

The T Cards Online system was a logical development for T Cards Direct to apply their extensive experience gained over many years of developing and marketing their manual based T Card Board and Card system. However, for many applications, especially in providing Health & Safety information, the manual board system remains the best solution and these products will also be on display.

Providing information and communicating with staff and colleagues in the workplace is essential, particularly when hazards, incidents or near-misses occur, along with maintenance planning which may impact on others.

An effective, low-cost solution to ‘getting the message across’ is the Near Miss / Incident Reporting / Maintenance Planning System boards available from T Cards Direct..

T Cards offer a wide range of standard manual products and online systems which meet the needs of most applications, however bespoke solutions with variations to suit more specific customer requirements are available
for both manual and online systems.

The T Cards Online System along with examples of manual boards for Maintenance Planning / Continuous Improvement applications will be on display at The Plant & Asset Management Show and reflect

T Cards Direct 45 years of experience in providing effective and affordable information systems.

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