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Phil Black, Editor - PII

Phil Black
[email protected]

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Phil has been editor of PII for 17 years, prior to this he worked as an engineering consultant. Although his background experience is essentially in the area of engineering maintenance, his understanding of the various process disciplines is considerable and his enthusiasm for producing a magazine that has interest and benefit to "all of its readers, all of the time".


Likes; Good conversation, Family life, Theatre, Reading, Travel, Chelsea FC, Good wine, Grand children, Sense of humour

Dislikes; Intolerance, Impatience, Rudeness, Editing long articles down(!), Companies with 'no budget' for PR!

Peter Ullmann, Publisher - PII

Peter Ullmann
[email protected]

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Peter learned his trade as a journalist in Fleet Street before moving into the world of trade publishing and has many years experience in the process industry. He has held senior positions in major publishing companies and has a wide knowledge of both readers and advertisers needs and the determination to meet their requirements.


Likes; Most Sports, Tottenham Hotspur, Jazz/the Blues/real Country music, Reading, Meeting with friends, Animals, Holidays, Italian Food

Dislikes; People who are two faced, Litter – especially on the Roadside, Rapping, Speed Cameras on Motorways, Arsenal & Chelsea


Guy Ullmann
Sales & Marketing Director
[email protected]

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Guy has worked for PII since 2005. He has an entrepreneurial mindset and is incredibly ambitious. With a love for marketing and an in-depth knowledge of digital marketing and SEO, he is constantly learning & testing new strategies and techniques. When he is not marketing for PII, he is working on his social mobile app - Tagme app (shameless plug!)


Likes; Football/Portsmouth FC, Everything to do with SEO & Marketing (except for data!), Snowboarding, DJ'ing/Electronic music, Photography, Backpacking, Vegetarian cuisine & Beach Tennis

Dislikes; Southern Man Utd supporters, Litterbugs, Laziness, Self-proclaimed experts, Trash tv/soaps, Suppliers that expect promotion for free(!)

Diane Ullmann, Accounts - PII

Diane Ullmann
[email protected]

Diane has worked for the company for 17 years, and provides full support for the rest of the team and is considered by them to be indispensable. Prior to joining the company she worked in the banking industry, the experience which now serves her well.


Likes; Cooking, Gardening, Theatre, Reading, Walking and Holidays.

Dislikes; Laziness, Animal and child cruelty, Cold weather

Talita Soncini, Art Manager, PII

Talita Soncini
[email protected]

Talita joined PII in 2012 to help give the magazine a more modern look and feel. She has a first class degree in Architecture and hopes to one day design & build her own house.


Likes; Arts in general, Spontaneity, Old things (objects, places, music, films, clothes & everything else that is more than 40 years old!), Learning languages, A good meal with a Barolo or a Rioja for company, Cold desserts & Crisps.

Dislikes; Disorganisation & lack of method, Nosy people, All kinds of wasting, Undue delays, Psychologists in general, Driving, Monkeys & Cous cous.

Cres Pabalte, Webmaster - PII

Cres Pabalate
[email protected]

Cres joined the PII team in 2010. He is always eager to learn and develop his skills and incredibly hard-working - a true asset to PII.


Likes; Mountain biking, Hiking, Camping, Nature, Watching Sci-Fi and documentary films, Studying, Internet and Learning new things

Dislikes; Arrogance, Laziness, Violence, Unfair leadership and Slimy foods


Jean Caunin
Circulation Manager
[email protected]

Jean is our most recent recruit and manages our magazine subscriptions team, ensuring that our subscribers are maintained and are as up-to-date as possible. Her friendliness, enthusiasm and professionalism is commendable and she is a pleasure to have on our growing team.


Likes; Mountain biking, Hiking, Camping, Nature, Watching Sci-Fi and documentary films, Studying, Internet and Learning new things

Dislikes; Arrogance, Laziness, Violence, Unfair leadership and Slimy foods



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