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PAC Releases Cambridge Viscosity (CVI) Flanged Process Viscometer Sensor

New Version of 393 Sensor Utilizes CVI’s Patented Sensor Technology in Petrochemical Plants and Refineries

PAC, a leading global provider of advanced analytical instruments for laboratories and online process applications, recently released its latest 393 flanged process viscosity sensor. The 393 sensor’s new design is configurable to the end user’s needs; it has numerous industry standard process connection options, including ANSI, DIN, and RTJ flanges. With these new connections, it is easy to install CVI’s patented sensor technology in petrochemical  plants and refineries, including hazardous areas.

CVI’s technology is based on the oscillating piston method, which has only one moving part with no mechanical linkages. The sensor electromagnetically drives a piston through a fluid in a controlled measurement chamber at a constant force. Proprietary circuitry analyzes the pistons two-way travel time to measure the absolute viscosity. The sensor is constructed of all 316L stainless steel and the piston is constantly mixing the sample and scrubbing the measurement chamber clean.

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