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Parker Hannifin compressed air dryer range integrates two proven principles into a new process to deliver 44% less energy cost

New technology for the purification of compressed air offers advantages in efficiency, flexibility and lifetime costs

Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control technologies, is introducing the new Antares compressed air dryer-range. Parker´s Hiross Zander Division is not simply introducing another new line of dryers for compressed air, moreover its Antares heralds the launch of a new compressed air purification technology, offering significant advantages with respect to efficiency, flexibility and lifeime cost.

The basis of Antares Tandem Technology (ATT), is the combination of two well-proven technologies namely refrigeration and adsorption drying, which have now been integrated in a new innovative way.

Untreated compressed air enters the unit and is cleaned by a high-efficiency pre-filter before being dried by a patented refrigeration circuit, which serves to reduce the compressed air temperature and humidity. A high-performance filter then follows this stage from the Zander GL series, which removes residual oil and water aerosols and particulate.

The pre-treated compressed air now features a dew point of +3°C to +5°C before being introduced to a compact adsorption dryer stage, which reduces the humidity in the air even further, guaranteeing a standard dew point of -40°C. The dew point achievable at this stage is however flexible and can be varied to meet the requirements of the application in question from +3°C to -70°C. Finally the clean, dry air is re-heated via an air-to-air heat exchanger, which exchanges the cold of the exiting compressed air with the heat of the incoming air.

In direct comparison to a conventional adsorption dryer and to a refrigeration/ adsorption dryer combination connected in series, ATT technology offers considerable technical advantages. By maintaining compressed air with a 100% saturated state after the refrigeration stage, the adsorption characteristics of the second-stage, compared with a refrigeration dryer/adsorption dryer installed in series, is tremendously improved. Furthermore, the unit requires far less energy as the adsorption stage is only seeing pre-dried air.

Regeneration of the adsorber, patent pending, is carried out with far less purge-air than would normally be required by a traditional heatless-adsorption dryer. The addition of an efficient, low-energy heater results in an average of 44% less energy costs, when compared to similar technologies available on the market. Antares dryers can work even more efficiently when the standard fitted energy saving device is activated, adapting automatically and continually the regeneration cycles to the required dew point and to intermittent load conditions.

The integration of the two technologies leads to an extremely compact overall “footprint”. An adsorption dryer with the same airflow would require far more space. When the remaining humidity requirements of the compressed air user are less (i.e. in summer, when freezing of outdoor pipework is less of an issue), the adsorption dryer can de-activated and by-passed. In such a case, the Antares dryer provides compressed air with a reliable dew point of +3°C to +5°C, whilst consuming less energy than in winter mode.

Over the last three years, ATT dryers have been intensively tested in well-equipped Parker Hiross laboratories and have been field-trialed in numerous applications by several compressed air users. Results have been positive: ATT dryers meet expectations, have proved reliable and are very efficient. The market launch of this technology has now started with the introduction of a family of seven units, covering volumetric flows from 2.5 to 34 m3/min.

For more information contact:  Parker Sales UK Warwick  Tel: +44 (0) 1926 317887   E-mail: [email protected]

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