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PAT Software Enables Drug & Complex Synthesis Product Manufacturers Reach Higher Quality Standards

As the global majors start to standardise on synTQ software for PAT implementation – potential users are advised to begin their enquiry early with the software originators Optimal at INTERPHEX 2016

“We have attended several shows and conferences over the last twelve months and the interest level just keeps ramping up,” comments Martin Gadsby, International Business Development Director at Optimal. “The software platform has been updated this year to version 5.0 and for those that have already implemented it, synTQV5.0 is making a huge impact on both development time and production volumes for pharmaceutical and life science products.”

Working within a PAT process framework enabled by synTQ V5 has benefits throughout the development and production cycle. Effective use of PAT allows for real-time development in the lab environment, this transfers to faster batch and continuous manufacturing processes and can deliver the massive productivity gains associated with ‘real-time release’ of produced product.

Discussions at the show are expected to centre on the change-over both in the lab and in production to a way of working that can slash the time-to-market for new drugs, reduce production times dramatically, (from weeks to minutes in some cases) yet also increase product quality. This is while using a reduced manufacturing footprint.

The synTQ V5 software suite is designed to enable manufacturers of drugs and other complex synthesis products to reach higher quality standards and reduce manufacturing time and cost by an order of magnitude. This is achieved by enabling optimised production and continual Quality Assurance combined with Real Time Release Testing in a pharmaceutical production environment for both batch and continuous manufacturing.

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