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Patented Technology Improves Results in Technical Surfacing Processes

scandinavian coating

H2O GmbH delivers advice at the Scandinavian Coating

The demands on quality in technical surfacing processes are increasing constantly. At the Scandinavian Coating, 19-21 May in Gothenburg, H2O GmbH”s experts in wastewater-free production will be demonstrating how operators can improve the quality of their processes whilst reducing costs. Additionally the company will explain in an interesting presentation on Thursday, May 21 at 1.30 p.m., how patented technologies may significantly improve results in technical surfacing processes.

One example is the Clearcat technology. It was developed by experienced experts in H2O”s application center for wastewater-free production. “Integrated into the VACUDEST system, in just a single process step the Clearcat module processes wastewater so well that it reliably passes even the strictest thresholds”, explains Peter Demarez, engineer and head of the application center. The results are highly satisfactory: the distillate is oil-free, crystal clear and cleaner than the distillate from conventional vacuum evaporators, even after additional treatment with activated carbon. This makes it ideal for recycling back into the process, where it helps to improve the product quality.

In areas such as paint pretreatment, parts cleaning and galvanising, 8 out of 10 customers already prefer the VACUDEST system with Clearcat. Anyone interested in wastewater processing by using VACUDEST Clearcat systems is very welcome to come and obtain more information at H2O GmbH”s stand F01:51  or by visiting www.h2o-de.com.

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