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pH Measurement in Very Low Conductivity Waters

AN Power pH Measurement pHure

Power plant cycle chemistry guidelines and standards specify narrow ranges of pH to minimise corrosion of highly valuable components. In addition, makeup water treatment systems using two-pass reverse osmosis optimise performance by careful control of pH between passes. In both of these applications, pH must be measured accurately under the difficult conditions of low conductivity.

Download METTLER TOLEDO”s application note: “pH Measurement in Low Conductivity Samples.

This application note explains why some gel-filled electrodes are not suitable for high purity water. It also reveals how pressurised gel-filled electrodes provide more measurement stability.

METTLER TOLEDO Thornton”s pHure Sensor™ series features an internally-pressurised gel electrolyte reference electrode. This produces similar results to a flowing junction reference but offers more convenient installation and maintenance.

Find out more about pH measurement in low conductivity samples by downloading a full copy of this application note at www.mt.com/uk-pHure-AN

For more information on METTLER TOLEDO Process Analytics solutions for the Power industry, visit www.mt.com/ism-power or call 0116 234 5095 

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