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Position Sensor Range Withstands High Vibrations and Extreme Temperatures of Power Plants

Linear position sensors with standard cable and bayonet connectors often cannot withstand the high vibrations and extreme temperatures of power plants that typically operate on a 24/7 basis from 18 months to two years.  Macro Sensors introduces the HPGS series Hermetically Sealed, High Temperature LVDT Linear Position Sensor featuring a screw-on radial connector that ensures higher sensor reliability and longer life under the high vibrations and dirty environments of nuclear, gas and steam power plants.

The screw-on radial connector of the HPGS Series LVDT sensor provides a secure connection, enabling the position sensor to withstand constant, heavy vibration resulting in increased productivity and reduced downtime for repairs.   In addition, the connector offers a through-bore design that permits access to either end of the LVDT core for better mechanical support and core guidance as well as easier cleanout in dusty or dirty locations.  The radial connector also gives the HPGS Series LVDTs a shorter installed length compared to units of the same range with axial connectors, enabling its use where space is limited.

To address different operating environments within power plants, the HPGS Series Hermetically Sealed, High Performance Linear Position Sensor can be constructed to withstand exposure to mild radiation (3×107 Rads) and immersion in pressurised fluids.

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