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September 2016 issue of Process Industry InformerProcess Engineering Magazine


What's in the September 2016 issue;

September 2016 Issue of PII



News & Events ...4-5 Process Measurement & Instrumentation...15-20
Applications ...5-7 Fluids & Liquids Handling ...35-39
Welding ...7 Water & Wastewater ...41
Network & Communications ...12 Enclosures ...41
Solids Handling & Processing ...12 Weighing ...42
UV Systems...14 Health & Safety ... 42
  PPMA Previews ...49-50

Editorial Features

  • Change Management: Make The Change - 8

The manufacturing industry in the UK is no stranger to change and the need to be flexible and responsive has never been more apparent than in our current climate as we enter a withdrawal period from the EU. Some commentators have stated that Britain’s exit could result in opportunities for its manufacturers, proposing that a drop in the value of sterling could make the UK a magnet for trade and the need to reshape trade policy may result in quicker decision making and reduced red tape.

  • Meeting The Industrial Heating Challenge - 10

There is a quiet revolution going on in industrial Britain, as businesses look to meet their heating requirements in a range of industrial applications.

  • Taking The Temperature Of The Process Industry - 18

Temperature is one of the most common points of measurement in process automation and is often the most critical in terms of safety, product quality and efficiency across a wide range of industries. In today’s marketplace there are many device styles to choose from, ranging from basic sensors and bimetallic gauges through to complex control systems operating on bus networks. Selecting the correct instrument for an application can be daunting with so many alternatives available. The best products will provide a stable, accurate, fast and reliable measurement, combined with a robust and high-quality build as well as an easy-to- use, intuitive operator interface.

  • A Guide To Energy Efficient Sealing Solutions - BPMA 6-7

Here, Richard Smith at AESSEAL, looks how appropriate selection of mechanical sealing systems can have a significant impact on the energy efficiency of a plant.

  • Global Event For Process & Environmental Monitoring - 34

Professionals from around the world will come to Telford (UK) on 2nd and 3 rd November to learn about the latest developments in regulations, technologies, methods and standards in process and environmental monitoring. Featuring a wide range of conferences, workshops, demonstrations and an international exhibition, WWEM 2016 will build on the success of six previous events that began in 2005.

  • Non-negotiable: The Importance Of Reliability In Valve Actuation - 36

For the optimal control of many processes, it is crucial that a valve reaches a certain position. The process of moving from one position to another is governed by the valve’s actuator, a type of drive that is responsible for moving or controlling it. For safety critical applications, the actuation of the valve (the ability of the system to move the valve to a safe condition in response to demand), is of fundamental importance.

  • Logistics In The Digital Age: The Security Implications...- 43

The technology boom in logistics has had enormous benefits for businesses. Companies keen to ensure the safety of their cargo and improve the efficiency of their routes can now track shipments. Clients can see when their delivery will arrive and engineers can use mobile devices to control industrial processes. New technology will transform both business and society.

  • Rupture Disc Rationalisation - 44-45

Process Plants are coming under more and more commercial pressure. Reduction in spend without affecting quality or performance is playing a major role in the day to day running of many sites. The implementation of a rupture disc stock rationalisation programme is proving to be a cost-effective way of improving efficiency while reducing long-term costs and future-proofing the plant. Elfab Limited share its 80 years’ manufacturing experience and discuss the real benefits of rupture disc rationalisation to the modern process plant.

  • The Future Of UK Manufacturing Debate Heats Up At The PPMA Total Show 2016 - 48

The PPMA Total Show incorporates three major exhibition brands – PPMA, Pakex and Interphex – highlighting the latest innovations in materials, containers and packaging design, as well as the very latest processing and packaging machinery, industrial automation and vision innovations.