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July 2016 issue of Process Industry InformerProcess Engineering Magazine


What's in the July 2016 issue;

May 2016 Issue of PII



News & Events ...4-5 Infrared Cameras...15
Applications ...5-7 Calibration ...15
Test Measurement ...10 Process Measurement & Instrumentation ...16-17
Cables & Network ...10 Fluids & Liquids Handling ...19-23
Network & Communication ...10 Water Systems ...27
Health & Safety...13 SCADA ... 29

Editorial Features

  • 80 Ghz. RADAR: A Matter of Frequency - 8

Understanding the benefits of 80 GHZ radar & Its Importance for all liquid level measurement applications. With the recent launch of radar instruments in the 80GHZ frequency range for liquid measurement, now is a good time to examine what's behind this new direction in radar technology.

  • How To Keep Your Cool When Temperatures Soar - 12

Four steps to help ensure optimal process cooling this summer. Chris Smith, Head of Temperature Control for Aggreko Northern Europe offers advice to managers seeking to optimise cooling performance and avoid system breakdown this summer.

  • How The Right Flowmeter Can Make You Money - 14

Choosing the best flowmeter for measuring the flow of a gas or liquid through an industrial process ofter presents a series of technical challenges, but it is often also a decision that can impact business.

  • A Guide To Choosing And Sine Pumps In The Bakery Sector - 18

With demand for fresh bakery products rising globally, bakers are seeking improvements in processing everything from dough and batter, to confectionary fillings and frostings.

  • Hygienic Standards & Pumps - 22

There are numerous regulations which apply to pumps in food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing, namely; EHEDG, 3A, BfR, FDA, USP Class VI, aand EC1935/2004. Hoever, chich ones apply to a particular process or food product and, as some can increase the cost of the pump quite considerably, consideration has to be as to which is the most appropriate.

  • Improving Safety & Reliability by Understanding Machinery Health - 24

Safety can't wait. Ensuring that a plant's staff and equipment are not at risk of accidents is the single most important thing any organisation can do to ensure long-tern viability. Whether the economy is good, and organisations have more resources to work with, or markets are down and demand has shrunk, allowing gaps and blind spots in safety systems means jeopardising safety and putting workers, the company's most essential asset, at risk.

  • 'Companies Do Not Look After Their Assets'...- 26

As with lifr in general there are always two sides to an argument. This one is too wide sweeping to be totally true but for many UK companies, it is too close to the truth!

  • Asset Finance Enables Technology - 28

The manufacturing world is under fundamental change. This is marked by the digitalisation processes and the integration of the Internet of Things (IoT) which form the basis for increasingly intelligent and highly efficient manufacturing systems.

  • Driving Forward Energy Efficiency - 30

Across industry, electrical drives account for the lion's share of electrical energy consumption and from 1st January 2017, all electrical motors will be subject to minimum levels of efficiency. This requirement is the next step towards energy efficiency under the ErP Directive and affects a huge 70 per cent of the commercial market.