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November 2016 issue of Process Industry InformerProcess Engineering Magazine


What's in the November 2016 issue;

November 2016 Issue of PII



News & Events ...4-5 Process Control...37
Applications ...8-10 Fluids & Liquids Handling ...38-41
Health & Safety ...12 Filling Nozzles ...43
Mixing ...15 Drives & Motors ...43
Network & Communications ...18 IOLink Actuation / Sensors Hub ...43
Process Measurement & Instrumentation...34-36 Bearings ... 42

Editorial Features

1. Condition Monitoring

- How best to monitor the condition of thermal fluid systems

2. The Case for Robotics

- Why are companies embracing robotics and automation as they look to compete on the world stage post-Brexit

3. Operation Efficiency

- Harnessing the power of “wet” steam in industrial processes

4. Differential pressure flow measurement

- Transmitter technology has transformed possibilities for differential pressure measurement – How do you make the choice?

5. Air-cooling vs Water-cooling

- A guide to choosing cooling systems for industrial applications

6. Process Industries and the Digital Revolution

- How the sector needs to make a significant leap forward to unlock its true potential

7. Compressors

- Maximising the performance and return of variable speed drives (VSP) compressors.

8. Prioritise Tank Maintenance

-Complying with ever increasing stringent regulations.

9. Measurement

- Cost effective ways to achieve measurement results.

10. Selecting the right Robot Arm

– With a choice of 20+, how do you make the right choice?