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July 2017 issue of Process Industry InformerProcess Engineering Magazine


What's in the July 2017 issue;

July 2017 Issue of PII



News & Events ...4 Test & Measurement ...23
Applications ...5-6 Drives & Controls ...26
Process Control ...7 Testing & Analysers ...29
Health & Safety ...12-13 Maintenance ...31
Heat Transfer & Energy ...15 Storage Tanks ... 31
Fluids & Liquids Handling...17-19 All Weather Doors...31
Process Measurement & Instrumentation...22 Solids Handling & Processing Supplement...33

Editorial Features

An Interview With John Durkan - 8

ABP Food Group, which is headquartered in Ireland, has built up an impressive business strategy across multiple sectors including meat, protein, renewable energy and pet food. Following the BlueTech Forum held in Dublin in early June, sustainability and environmental manager John Durkan explains how cost-effciency and sustainable practice is at the forefront of business operations.

Process Optimisation: Big Data Shines Light On Controller Performance - 10

An engineer working at a corn milling production plant receives his daily report on specific opportunities to optimise the facility’s regulatory control systems. The facility is one of dozens owned and operated by this world-class manufacturer, and it relies on 100s of PID controllers to maintain safe, pro table control….

Learn The System: Understanding Heat Transfer Systems Saves Time & Money - 14

There are some paintings that reveal more detail the longer you look at them. At glance you may see a countryside landscape, then you spot that the scene makes a face. Optical illusions both confuse and intrigue, but other objects or systems can also be more detailed than they first appear. If manufacturers look in more detail at their heat transfer systems, they may  find problems they could prevent.

Managing Process Equipment Designs & Market Trends With CAD - 16

Heat exchangers find the largest application in various verticals of process industry, be it food processing, chemical processing, pulp and paper, HVACR, power generation or any other. Heat exchangers are probably one of those equipments that have undergone constant fundamental changes in designs and forms since the evolution. Due to changes in this one component, the entire market of processing industry is experiencing transition. In an era of changes, 2D CAD drafting and 3D CAD modelling of heat exchanger designs accommodate innovations and keep fabricators tuned at the market demands frequency.

Food Industry Pumps Are Not Just For Liquid - 19

Moving products around during processing is an inherent need for most medium and large- scale food manufacturers. The texture and viscosity of food is not only an important quality parameter, but it also influences how it behaves during production and processing. Therefore, it should influence the choice of handling and treatment equipment used in the manufacturing process.

Industrial Digitisation, Investment Strategies & The Benefits Of Process Demonstrators - 20

There has recently been a lot written about the Digitisation of Industry especially around the knotty subject of how we help manufacturing companies to adopt the new technology and extract the full potential bene t from it. A key aspect of this is the access to suitable funding to help companies innovate their products and processes.

Uniaxial Powder Testing Evolves - 24

Within industry, powders are widely recognised as being more of a challenge when compared to working with liquids or gases. Powders are commonly associated with batch-to- batch variability, problems with storage and transportation, and inconsistent behaviour in unit operations.

Tackling Electrical Interference - 27

Businesses are constantly under pressure to be energy efficient and ensure they do not waste electricity. However, while most of us know that this means more than simply turning o  devices and equipment when not in use, many are not aware of the impact electrical interference has on efficiency and wasted power. Here, Steve Hughes, managing director of power quality specialist REO UK, explains how businesses can stay safe from interference.

A Water Pollution Wake Up Call - 28

Thames Water’s recent £20.3m fine for polluting the environment represents a wakeup call not only for the UK’s municipal water industry but for any process industry which has wastewater as a by-product of its operation. Clwyd Jones, Business Development Manager, Siltbuster Process Solutions explains...

Breaking The Sound Barrier In The Process Industries - 30

Noise mitigation in refineries and chemical plants has been, and still is, a major concern for plant operators looking to ensure the health and safety of their employees. Although significant progress in understanding industrial noise and effective control has been made, the problem continues to present a challenge in the industry. Robert Lomax, Sales Director of Wake eld Acoustics, explains how one chemical plant is already taking a proactive approach to implementing noise management and mitigation measures within its plant.