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New Process Safety Competencies & Lead Metric Guidelines

Major hazard industries are set to benefit from new process safety competencies and lead metric guidelines that represent current thinking and industry best practice. The guidelines are the inaugural works produced by the Institution of Chemical Engineers Safety Centre (ISC).

Guidance publications, Process Safety Competency – a Model 2015 and Lead Process Safety metrics – selecting, tracking and learning 2015, were written by ISC member companies offering practical and useful workplace guidance to others.

The process safety competency guidance expands on the established work of others. However, existing documents have tended to be generic and stop short of actually defining different levels of competency for different roles within an organisation.

The lead process safety metrics guidance focuses on the operational phase of an organisation. It will help to develop some consistency in lead process safety metrics that will allow for effective benchmarking.

ISC director, Trish Kerin, said these are first edition documents and are the result of 12 months work by a wide range of industry members: “The ISC is pleased to offer this information freely, as we believe it is vital to assist companies in achieving better process safety outcomes.”

Kerin adds that these are ‘living documents’ that are expected to evolve over time and be updated in the future.

“We invite organisations who have an established sound process safety competency system and metrics, to please share your example to help us improve this guidance for everyone.”

Further guidance documents are expected to be published in the future once a need is identified by ISC members.

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