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BEKO Technologies Ltd
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What we do Our area of expertise is everything that is downstream of an air or gas compressor.
Where we supply UK
Who we supply to Compressed air is diversely used so we have customers who are blowing up tyres through to super pure compressed air for medical or pharmaceutical purposes. We work extensively with the compressor manufacturers and distributors of compressed air products.
Why you should use us Because We are a company with high class products designed to save money in the first instance. We believe in customer satisfaction being a driver to improve our business and frequently ask our customers how we can improve.


  • Street: North Moons Moat
  • Town: Redditch
  • Postcode: B98 9PA
  • Country: United Kingdom


  • Telephone: 01527 575778
  • Fax: 01527 575779
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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BEKO Technologies Ltd

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Compressor Regulation Equipment Vacuum Filters,  Rotary Air Compressors,  Compressed Air Systems,  Membrane Filtration Systems,  Piston Air Compressors,  Compressor Valve Vacuum Filters,  Flow Measurement Instruments,  Air Cooled Chillers,  Nano Filtration Systems,  Air Dryers,  Bearing Monitor Air Compressors,  Control Air Compressors,  Mobile Air Compressors,  Dry Air Coolers,  Oil Free Air Compressors,  Calibration Equipment,  Service Chillers,  Reciprocating Air Compressors,  Water Cooled Chillers,  Screw Air Compressors,  Straight Lobe Air Compressors,  Vane Air Compressors,  Vehicle Tyre Air Compressors,  Desiccant Dryers,  Calibration Instrumentation,  Absorption, Deliquescent Dryers,  Breather Filters,  Carbon Filters,  Cartridge Filters,  Differential Pressure Flowmeters,  HEPA Filters,  In Line Filters,  Absorption Towers,  Air Compressors,  Air Treatment & Transmission Equipment,  ATEX Approved Products,  ATEX Equipment,  Calibration,  Chillers,  Compressed Air Systems & Software,  Compressed Air Treatment,  Condensers,  Control Monitoring  ,  Coolers,  Drains,  Dryers,  Drying Equipment,  Effluent Treatment,  Engineered Solutions,  Filter Bags,  Filter Driers (Cooling Systems),  Filter Elements,  Filter Packages,  Filters,  Filtration Equipment,  Filtration Membranes,  Filtration Systems,  Flow Measurement,  Flowmeters,  Gas Leak Detectors,  Monitoring Equipment,  Monitoring Systems,  Monitors,  Pressure Sensors,  Process Engineering,  Process Equipment & Plant,  Vacuum Filters,  Wastewater Treatment


The Importance Of Calibrating Process Instrumentation

2017-05-11 05:40:36

The main reasons for this are to ensure the reliability of the instrument, that it can be trusted. To determine the accuracy of the instrument and to ensure the readings are consistent with other measurements

METPOINT FLM Flow Meter Range Expanded

2017-05-04 09:39:38

New METPOINT® FLM SF13 and SF53 volume flow sensors from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES 

The METPOINT FLM flow meter measures the compressed air volume flow, which is the basis for accurate consumption analyses for cost reduction and effective energy management. METPOINT FLM sensors reliably detect leakage, overloads and malfunctions. Based on the analysis of the sensor data, the components of the compressed air system can be adjusted for optimum efficiency.

Compressed Air Specialist Announces New Regional Sales Manager

2017-03-24 08:54:55

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES has appointed Musa Jobarteh as regional sales manager for BEKO’s comprehensive range of compressed air equipment to cover the Midlands area. As the key point of contact for customers, manufacturers and distributors, he will be responsible for improving our market share and promoting sales by determining the specific needs of customers and overseeing existing sales within his territory.

For the second year running BEKO TECHNOLOGIES sponsors Motion Control Industry awards

2017-03-03 08:26:29

Scheduled to take place on Tuesday 9th May 2017, at the National Conference Centre near Birmingham, the Gala Awards Dinner will bring together the entire motion control industry in a celebration of business and professional excellence.  Recognising and rewarding the achievements of both individuals and companies operating within this important industry sector, personal endeavour, technical innovation, engineering advancement and commercial acumen will all be acknowledged and celebrated.

Universal displays METPOINT UD01 and UD02

2017-03-01 10:34:39

Many production and treatment processes can only be run efficiently if real-time data is available on site. Without this information, it is impossible to closely monitor the quality of applications and processes and take swift action, if the need arises.

New Online Calculation Tool For Oil And Water Separators

2017-01-12 04:22:28

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES are pleased to announce the launch of our new online calculation tool for OWAMAT oil and water separators and BEKOSPLIT emulsion splitting plants. This is a tool to help you find the optimal unit based on entering the required information, for example compressor capacity, type of compressor, oil used.

Preventing & Eliminating Mineral Oil Contamination in Food Manufacturing

2016-09-30 08:18:59

Important information relating to the contamination of foods through mineral oils in compressed air.

As discussed extensively in the media since 2010 and published in several of BEKO’s own marketing bulletins, the food industry continues to pursue the aim of preventing and eliminating mineral oil contamination in food products.

The Importance Of High Quality Clean Compressed Air In Food Manufacturing

2016-09-12 07:30:22

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES can now measure compressed air to ISO 8573-1 class 1 of the ISO standards. This is extremely important for industries such as food & beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, automotive and many more.

New member of staff at BEKO TECHNOLOGIES

2016-06-24 11:30:33

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES have appointed John Harding as the warehouse/customer support person to be responsible for stock management and customer support for BEKO TECHNOLOGIES UK.

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES Launch New Generation of DRYPOINT AC Compressed Air Adsorption Dryers

2016-06-02 14:02:32

In May 2016, BEKO TECHNOLOGIES launched the latest generation of the DRYPOINT AC compressed air adsorption dryers. These models come in 10 different sizes for volumetric flow rates from 100 to 1000 m³/h and operating pressures from 4 to 16 bar (gauge). The cold-regenerated adsorption dryers extract moisture from the compressed air to a pressure dew point of -40° C.


Product Range

BEKO METPOINT dewpoint mobile hires

BEKO METPOINT dewpoint mobile hires

Plug in and permanent devices for measuring moisture content in compressed air. Easy installation and rapid response means a quick answer to ‘ How dry is my compressed air?(BEKO Metpoint dewpoint)

BEKO METPOINT flowmeter hires

BEKO METPOINT flowmeter hires

Precise and reliable measurement of compressed air useage 



Catalytic converters to remove oil from compressed air. The use of catalytic converters in card has helped to clean the environment and now BEKO have applied this proven technology to the production of oil free compressed air. BEKOKAT is establishing this technology as reliable, economical in some of the most stringent applications for high quality compressed air.



No loss condensate drains. The industry for reliable and economical discharge.



Emulsion splitting. To treat stable emulsions from oil contaminated condensate or industrial waste water. These emulsions are usually found where the compressor oil is a synthetic based product.



A comprehensive range of water separators, filters and carbon adsorbers.



Heatless adsoption dryers. There are 2 ranges, a compact unit for low flows and point of use applications and a classic twin column format for larger flows. Customers with more demanding specifications can be accommodated with a custom built system.



Compact and efficient membrane dryers. An extensive range of sizes and variants available. Low operating cost membrane dryers for point of use and also ideally suited for OEM users.



Extensive range of refrigeration dryers. Refrigeration dryers with a dewpoint promise. With our range of dryers we can guarantee a pressure dewpoint of 3 degrees. Fully compliant with all current and planned legislation.



Heat regeneration adsorption dryers. The BEKO EVERDRY range offers a solution for higher volume flows up to 12,000 cfm and can be customized to the most demanding customer requirements.



Continuous monitoring of oil vapour content in compressed air. How good is your compressed air quality? 99% of all users just do not know. METPOINT OCV is the first measurement system to become available that is extremely user friendly with on site calibration, 24/7 process reliability, on line measurement and easy connection to IT systems. In shirt, peace of mind. 



Oil and water condensate separators. Reliable operation and zero energy costs mean that using OWAMAT separators will always be more economical than disposal by specialist companies.