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Burkert Fluid Control Systems
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What we do .Manufacture process equipment. One of the few manufacturers to provide solutions for the complete control loop.
Where we supply UK
Who we supply to . Water, gas, hygienic and micro industries such as wastewater treatment, medical, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and lifescience to name a few.
Why you should use us . High quality products, competent technical people who provide process solutions.


  • Street: 1 Bridge End
  • Town: Cirencester
  • Postcode: GL7 1QY
  • Country: United Kingdom


  • Telephone: +44 1285 648 720
  • Fax: +44 1285 648 721
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Burkert Fluid Control Systems

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Wireless Process Automation,  Head Mounting Flowmeter Displays,  Geometric Process Control,  Butter Plants & Equipment,  Automation Support Services,  Flow Measurement Instruments,  Analogue Control Systems,  Hoses - Silicone,  Liquids Level Controllers,  Liquids Level Measurement,  Bio Process Hoses,  Temperature Control Systems,  Valve Actuators,  Dairy Systems,  Systems & Software Process Automation,  Capacitance Level Controllers,  Solids Level Measurement,  Anticipatory Temperature Controllers,  Programmable Logic (PLC) Control Systems,  Brewery Process Hoses,  Condensate Drains Level Controllers,  Displacer Level Switches,  Conductivity Level Controllers,  Food & Dairy Process Hoses,  Pneumatic Actuators,  Hygienic Process Hoses,  Silicone Process Hoses,  Programmed Temperature Controllers,  Guided Wave Level Transmitters,  Hoses - Hygienic,  Radar Level Transmitters,  Batch Control Flowmeters,  Vibrating Fork Level Switches,  RF Capacitance Level Transmitters,  Multi-Loop Controllers,  Industrial Actuators,  Positive Displacement Flowmeters,  On/Off Controllers,  Assemblies,  pH Controllers,  Shell And Tube Heat Exchangers,  Flow Indicators,  Thermal Mass Flowmeters,  Control System Design & Manufacture,  Customised Control Systems,  Turbine Flowmeters,  Automatic Control Systems,  Turbine (Liquid) Flowmeters,  Ultrasonic (Doppler) Flowmeters,  Three Term Controllers,  Ultrasonic (Open Channel) Flowmeters,  Mass Flow Controllers,  Rotary (Vane) Actuators,  Oval Geared Flowmeters,  Clamp On Flowmeters,  Differential Pressure Flowmeters,  Electromagnetic Flowmeters,  Flow Controllers,  ORP Sensors,  3 Position Actuators,  Actuators,  Double Acting Actuators,  Proportional Valves,  Pressure Control Valves,  Pneumatic Solenoid Valves,  Pneumatic Control Valves,  Plug Valves,  Plastic Valves,  19" Cabinets Enclosures,  180 Degree Actuators,  Proportional (Flow Control) Valves,  Micro-Metering Pumps,  Quick Closing Valves,  PTFE Valves,  Proportional (Pressure) Valves,  Pilot (Operated) Valves,  Non-Return (Check) Valves,  Non-Return (Balls and Seats) Valves,  PT100 Sensors,  Metal Seated Valves,  Differential Pressure Sensors,  Pharmaceutical Industry Valves,  Petro Chemical Valves,  Packless Valves,  Oxygen Cleaned Valves,  ATEX Approved Products,  Acid Pumps,  Reactor Base / Drain Valves,  Stainless Steel Valves,  Solenoid (Teflon) Valves,  Automation,  Solenoid (Proportional) Valves,  Solenoid (Operated) Valves,  Solenoid (Miniature) Valves,  Solenoid (Micro-Miniature) Valves,  Liquid Level Sensors,  Steam Valves,  Valve & Actuator Adaptions,  Tank Valves,  Solenoid (Intrinsically Safe) Valves,  Solenoid (Gas Safety Systems) Valves,  Batch Controllers & Control Equipment,  Seat Valves,  Sanitary / Hygienic Valves,  Regulating Valves,  Shut Off Valves,  Solenoid (Directional) Valves,  Solenoid (Direct Acting) Valves,  Solenoid (Brass) Valves,  Beverage Systems,  Manually Operated Valves,  Acid Valves,  Cast Steel Valves,  Butterfly, Rubber Lined Valves,  Chemical Valves,  CIP Valves,  Direct Valves,  Cryogenic Valves,  Butterfly, Double Offset Valves,  Butterfly Valves,  Air Actuated Valves,  Air / Vacuum Relief Valves,  Actuated Electrical Valves,  Actuated Valves,  Angle Valves,  Ansi Valves,  Bronze Valves,  Brass Valves,  Bellows Sealed Stop Valves,  ATEX Valves,  Dispensing Valves,  Diverter Valves,  Gas, Electronic Valves,  Gas Shut Off Valves,  Full Bore Valves,  Flush Bottom Tank Valves,  Globe Valves,  Isolation Valves,  Explosion (Proof) Valves,  Electronically Modulated Flow Valves,  Chemical Dosing,  Double Seat Valves,  Flow (Non-Return) Valves,  Flow (Modulated) Valves,  Flow (Control) Valves,  Manifold Valves,  Clean-in-Place (CIP) Systems,  Control Instrumentation,  Control Panels,  Control Sensors & Systems,  Control Systems,  Controllers,  Cooling Water Treatment Systems,  Dairy Plant, Equipment & Systems,  Electrical Equipment,  Electrodes pH,  Enclosures,  Fermentation Equipment,  Flow Computers,  Flow Control Equipment,  Flow Control Regulators,  Flow Instruments,  Flow Measurement,  Flow Totalisers,  Flowmeter Displays,  Flowmeters,  Food Process Systems,  Gauging Equipment & Systems,  Heat Exchangers,  Hoses & Fittings Products & Accessories,  Indicators,  Level Control Equipment  ,  Level Controllers,  Level Measurement,  Level Switches,  Level Transmitters,  Manifolds,  pH Instruments,  pH Measurement,  Positioners,  Pressure Transmitters,  Process Automation,  Process Control,  Process Hoses,  Programmable Controllers  ,  Pumps,  Sensors,  Sight Flow Indicators,  Temperature Controllers,  Transmitters,  Valves,  Water Batching Systems,  Water Measurement Systems,  Water Sampling Bottles


How To Maintain Optimum Level And Flow Control For Food & Beverage Processes

2017-07-12 05:27:33

Process control equipment used in the food and beverage industry has to operate effectively with a wide variety of fluids, granules and powders. Add to this different viscosities and the requirement for a hygienic environment, plus, the ability to keep process lines clean and sterile, then the scale of challenge in managing effective flow and level control in a food processing line becomes apparent.

Minimising Waste In Hygienic Control Valve Applications

2017-07-03 11:53:04

Manufacturing processes that operate under hygienic conditions are arguably under more pressures to increase efficiency and reduce waste due to high relative operating costs. However, this specialist area is required to prioritise cleanliness and precision ahead of other considerations, which can lead to some cost saving opportunities being missed.

Solenoid Valves Receive Seal Of Approval

2017-05-24 05:11:39

Industry design validation and approvals can be a lengthy, but essential, process that ensures components are suitable for operation in specialist applications. Bürkert Fluid Control Systems has achieved over 20 approvals for its solenoid valve range - that together provide a guarantee to end users that every product has met or surpassed the required standard.

Prevent Oxidation, Corrosion & Improve Wear Resistance Using Modern Coatings Technology

2017-05-17 04:47:26

Achieving the best result with coating technologies from Ion Implanting, PVD and CVD, to Thermal spray and Welding

Fluid Control Stock Levels Support Maintenance Market

2017-05-01 10:08:47

As more companies tighten maintenance budgets they are less willing to hold stocks of spare parts

Instead they are expecting original equipment manufacturers and their service agents to hold stock for them. Bürkert Fluid Control Systems is one manufacturer that supports this model, with a complete parts and specifications catalogue online and distributors holding increased stock levels.

Do Food & Beverage SMEs Need to Push for more Process Automation?

2017-04-12 06:42:07

Most large scale food processing plants have already grasped the advantages of improved automation and used them to minimise production costs and boost productivity. However, some medium and smaller scale businesses, although appreciative of the benefits, remain reticent about the process of implementation and how the latest technology will combine with an existing installation.

New Light-weight Precision Flowmeter Suits Process Skids

2017-03-29 08:31:46

Recent developments by Bürkert have enabled its ground-breaking precision liquid flowmeter, FLOWave, to be incorporated into process skids providing a lightweight, cost effective, solution for hygienic applications.

Alternative To Coriolis Flowmeters When Fluid Density Is Not Required

2017-03-08 10:05:16

Coriolis flowmeters first came into commercial use in the 1970s and ever since they have been developed and refined to meet a growing number of applications across a wide range of industries. However, where fluid density is not required, there is an alternative that offers all of the accuracy of Coriolis as well as addressing many of its substantial drawbacks.

How To Improve Pneumatic Conveying System Flow Control

2017-02-23 16:13:54

For many industries, pneumatic conveying brings a number of advantages, not least the lack of moving parts and system flexibility. However, it is essential that such systems are properly controlled in order to maintain efficiency and the quality of the product in transit. Delivering effective process control systems requires an understanding of both the technology and the industry itself.

Choosing The Right Control Valve Solution

2017-02-09 04:53:48

The world of fluid control systems presents a whole host of challenges for those involved in designing, operating and maintaining them. Not least of these is finding the most suitable valve for an application; the choice seems almost endless but help is at hand for those who prefer to select all of their components from one source. With a comprehensive catalogue and easy access to expert technical advice, Bürkert can provide the complete solution.


Product Range

Control Cabinets

Control Cabinets

We know how to make process control cabinets that hit the mark simply because we have the right people, the right tools and the right procedures that allow us to integrate safety in every step.

Our Systemhaus teams have attained substantial global accreditations and are all involved in continuous lean innovation to produce advantages you can count on.

In each location our highly qualified, empowered people have the right project management skills to surpass your expectations. You get all the necessary documentations, proven functional tests and conformity paperwork on time and systematically. Our know-how is built to create faster, simpler and more economical solution.

Additionally we are both willing and able to be onsite with you or for you anywhere in the world. Our global installation, commissioning and training services are second to none. We can set up a certified and completely equipped process control cabinet in Basel, Beijing or Boston. When you link our technology leadership in integrated communication with our passion for quality it is not surprising that cusomers insist on certified systems built by Bürkert.

Control Head Type 8681

Individual All-Round Service from Bürkert

Individual All-Round Service from Bürkert

Products and system solutions are only as good as the service and performance available before and after sales. The highest quality comes natural to Bürkert, but each and every day, we reinforce that approach by setting a new goal to offer our customers the best system of user-orientated service. Bürkert technology provides companies around the world with maximum productivity in order to persist in today's global competition. For this purpose we offer a balanced programme of services to ensure accurate and flawless management of complex production processes.

Our tailor-made individual all-round service saves valuable time:

  • through the process safety offered via documentation and regular maintenance
  • through a complete system overhaul
  • through screening your plant on site, enabling precise recommendations for individual maintenance cycles

MFC / MFM, LFC/LFM and proportional valves

MFC / MFM, LFC/LFM and proportional valves

Massflow under control

Massflow gas measurement is independant of temperature and pressure, thus controlling a process gas can be stable and reproduceable. Massflow controllers contain a PID-controller and can be driven through norm signal or field bus. Massflow meters are without actuators and are only for measuring massflow.

Control valve strokes proportionally

Positioning valves can be combined with pneumatic, motorized, piezoelectric or solenoid actuators. The main differences between the various actuation principles are type of media separation, dynamic and force properties. Solenoid-operated positioning valves are known in practice as proportional valves and cover the nominal diameter range below 25 mm. Open and closed control loops can be developed using proportional valves. Open control loops control the valve without feedback signal, while closed control loops control the difference between the set-point and actual values. Switching solenoid valves, which are normally closed, form the basis for Bürkert proportional valves. Direct-acting proportional valves receive their feed below their seat, while servo-assisted models receive their feed above their seat.



The range of products varies from singular or aligned solenoid valves to field bus controlled decentralised I/O-Systems with electrical and pneumatic I/O\'s.

Process and Control valves

Process and Control valves

Electromotive or pneumatically driven Process Valves with bodies of stainless steel or plastic for various controlling tasks in fluids, gases or steam.

Sensors, Transmitters and Controllers

Sensors, Transmitters and Controllers

...for flow, level, pressure, analysis and temperature

Sensors, transmitters and fittings for measuring and controlling of fluid or gaseous media.

Solenoid Valves

Solenoid Valves

Solenoid valves for fluid and gaseous media, aggressive or neutral, applicable in various ranges of temperature and pressure.