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The Grundfos Ecademy Is Now Even Bigger

2017-08-07 11:00:38

The popular on-line Grundfos Ecademy has been around for over 10 years. Until recently the content was mainly aimed at plumbers/installers and merchants who predominately worked within the domestic pump arena.

Grundfos Combat Legionella Effectively With Disinfection

2017-08-07 10:11:19

Effective water disinfection is very important in all buildings. The Oxiperm Pro is a bespoke chlorine dioxide generator from Grundfos that has WRAS approved components. Chlorine dioxide is vital in providing clean water to a variety of potentially susceptible applications including hotels, sports & leisure facilities and hospitals.

Online One-stop-shop For Pump Related Materials

2017-08-04 09:03:40

Grundfos for Installers is an on-line one-stop-shop for heating engineers that offers ready access to a range of useful pump related materials. Designed specifically to meet the needs of today’s plumbing aficionados, this portal offers access to the best tools and information from Grundfos to support industry professionals in their daily work. It is under constant development and will continue to evolve offering an ever-wider choice of tools, features and information to make sure it will meet a variety of needs.

Grundfos Commits To Sustainability

2017-07-28 08:15:43

Sustainability has always been an important part of our DNA at Grundfos and much focus and effort has been directed at ensuring that every contributory factor comes under scrutiny. Two recent tangible examples of this are, a partnership with the Danish Refugee Council to secure access to water and sanitation in some of the world’s largest refugee communities, and the second would be the way Grundfos is delivering water in an urban settlement in Nairobi in a unique and innovative way.

More To Grundfos Than Heating Circulators

2017-07-28 08:09:11

Mention the name Grundfos and most people will think heating circulators.  However, there is much more to Grundfos than this and today they can offer a surprisingly large and sophisticated product portfolio.

Introducing The IE5: One Of The World’s Most Efficient Motors

2017-07-28 08:01:31

As an industry pioneer, Grundfos Pumps are pleased to introduce you to one of the world’s most efficient motors, the new IE5 rated MGE.  

Grundfos Continues To Serve Up Pump Excellence

2017-06-08 05:28:41

When all eyes turn to Wimbledon each summer, the focus is on the players and the excitement of the tennis matches as we all follow the progress of the players through the various stages.

Meet the Grundfos Product Centre

2017-06-08 05:25:47

Having ready access to useful information is something that is important to us all but isn’t always that attainable.  At Grundfos, we have been providing an increasingly sophisticated audience with various on- and off-line product selection support tools since 1984.  These tools have evolved by speaking to customers and looking at best-in-class options from multiple disciplines.  

GO Install App Helps Pump Selection For Installers, Plumbers & Heating Engineers

2017-06-08 05:21:53

To help installers, plumbers and heating engineers to select the right pump for their needs, the Grundfos GO Install App has proved to be a very popular download since it was launched a few years ago.  It can be accessed for free from the App Store or Google Play.

Pump Specialist Launches Knowledge Hub

2017-06-08 05:16:38

The Grundfos for Engineers hub is specifically developed to keep our engineering partners with an interest in pump technology informed about the latest developments in the industry, as well as briefed on the wider subject of fully integrated pump systems.  


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