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What we do Provide test & measurement instrumentation for a wide variety of applications across all industries
Where we supply UK
Who we supply to Airbus, Jaguar Land Rover, Komatsu, Messier Dowty, Froude Hofmann, Perkins, BAe Systems, Straightpoint, Caterpillar, Williams Grand Prix
Why you should use us Experts for over 60 years


  • Street: 58 Station Road
  • Town: North Harrow
  • Postcode: HA2 7SA
  • Country: United Kingdom


  • Telephone: +44 (0)208 515 6000
  • Fax: +44 (0)208 515 6002
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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In-Line Blenders,  Band Brakes,  High Temperature Accelerometers,  Epoxy Bench Tops,  Mercury Analysers,  Mechanical Balances,  Rotary Air Compressors,  Servo Actuators,  Temperature Cabinets,  Waterproof Bearings,  Cable Assemblies,  Precision Bearings,  Liquids Blenders,  Bladder Accumulators,  Diaphragm Actuators,  Rocker Bench Tops,  Oxygen Analysers,  Piston Air Compressors,  Analytical Balances,  Automated Dispensing Cabinets,  Brake Motor Brakes,  Intrinsically Safe Accelerometers,  Valve Actuators,  Rotator Bench Tops,  Low Shear Blenders ,  Centrifugal Brakes,  Bearing Monitor Air Compressors,  Cables - Power,  Thrust Bearings,  Online Balancing Devices ,  Ultra Cold Cabinets,  Low Frequency Accelerometers,  Diaphragm Accumulators,  Ozone Analysers,  Blenders for Solids,  Asset Management Reliability Services,  Particle Analysers,  Rodless Actuators,  Radial & Thrust Bearings,  Portable Balancing Devices,  Control Air Compressors,  Shaker Bench Tops,  Cables - Insulation,  Thermal Shock Cabinets,  Low Profile Accelerometers,  DC Brakes,  Calibration & Validation Balance,  Piston Accumulators,  Disc Brakes,  Polymer Bearings,  Radiation Resistant Accelerometers,  Test Cabinets,  Positioning Actuators,  Mobile Air Compressors,  Particulates Analysers,  Blending Machines,  Timber Based Bench Tops,  Pneumatic Actuators,  Blending Systems  ,  Plastic Bearings,  Precision Balances,  Motors Brakes,  Outdoor Plant & Integrated Cabinets,  Pesticides Analysers,  Oil Free Air Compressors,  Reciprocating Air Compressors,  Plain Bearings,  Rough Balances,  Non Rotating Rod Actuators,  pH & Redox Analysers,  Shoe/Drum Brakes,  Integrated Cabinets,  Humidity Cabinets,  Torque Calibration,  Waterproof Accelerometers,  Servicing & Maintenance Balance,  PID Analysers,  Tester Brakes,  Pivoting Bearings,  Non Lube Actuators,  Portable Water Analysers,  Drying Cabinets,  Pillow Block Bearings,  Top Pan Balances,  Straight Lobe Air Compressors,  Ancillary Brakes,  Mechanical Actuators,  Corrosion Testing Cabinets,  Needle Roller Bearings,  Magnetic Piston Actuators,  Power Analysers,  Needle Bearings,  Controlled Environment Cabinets,  Pressure Analysers,  Vehicle Tyre Air Compressors,  Linear Actuators,  Industrial Actuators,  Multiplex Bearings,  Oxygen Demand Analysers,  Containment Cabinets,  Rod End Bearings,  Climate Cabinets,  Rotary Actuators,  Orsat Analysers,  Roller Thrust Bearings,  ORP Analysers,  Biohazard Safety Cabinets,  Rotary (Explosion Proof) Actuators,  Calibration Repair Services,  Warming Cabinets,  Rotary (Helical) Actuators,  Metals Analysers,  Taper Roller Bearings,  Moisture Analysers,  Twin Rack & Pinion Actuators,  Split Roller Bearings,  Near Infrared Analysers,  Three Position Actuators,  Spherical Roller Bearings,  Weight Calibration,  Network Analysers,  Single Action Actuators,  Spherical Bearings,  Nitrate Analysers,  Severe Service Actuators,  Special Bearings,  Semi Rotary Actuators,  Nitrogen Analysers,  Slewing Ring Bearings,  Shaft Bearings,  Nitrogen Oxide Analysers,  Self Reciprocating Actuators,  Scotch Yoke Actuators,  Self-Aligning Outer Shell Bearings,  On-Line Analysers,  Organic Carbon Analysers,  Rotary (Vane) Actuators,  Self Lube Bearings,  Organics Analysers,  Mounted Bearings,  Rotary (Radial) Actuators,  Miniature Bearings,  Process Analysers,  Impact Actuators,  Hydro / Pneumatic Actuators,  Magnetic Bearings,  Sample Conditioning Analysers,  Corrosion Resistant Bearings,  Hydraulic Damping Actuators,  Scalar Analysers,  Critical Service Actuators,  Tunable Diode Laser Analysers Analysers,  Clevis Joint Bearings,  Chemical Resistant Bearings,  Turbidity Analysers,  Control Station Actuators,  Uranium Analysers,  Bearing Protection Bearings,  Compact Actuators,  Clamping Actuators,  Ball Thrust Bearings,  Urea Analysers,  Cable Actuators,  Vector Analysers,  Ball and Socket Joint Bearings,  Bin Actuators,  Angular Contact Machine Tool Bearings,  VOC Analysers,  Bespoke Actuators,  Accelerometers,  Wastewater Analysers,  Angular Contact Bearings,  Accumulators,  Water Analysers,  Bellow Actuators,  Air Bearings,  Cylindrical Roller Bearings,  3 Position Actuators,  Water Cut Analysers,  Cylinder Actuators,  Actuators,  Water in Oil Analysers,  Deep Groove Ball Bearings,  Trihalomethane Analysers,  Double Acting Actuators,  Low Friction Bearings,  Toxic Gas Analysers,  Dribble Control Actuators,  HVAC System Bearings,  Hydraulic Actuators,  High Temperature Bearings,  TOC (Total Organic Carbon) Analysers,  Heavy-Duty Bearings,  High Speed Actuators,  Sequence Analysers,  Gas Hydraulic Actuators,  Hanger Bearings,  Signature Analysers,  Food Compatible Bearings,  Sound Velocity Analysers,  Exotic Material Actuators,  Flanged Bearings,  Air Compressors,  Spectrum Analysers,  Electro-Mechanical Actuators,  Duplex Bearings,  Stability Analysers,  Electro-Hydraulic Actuators,  Electro Magnetic Actuators,  Double Row Self-Aligning Bearings,  Stack Gas Analysers,  Electrical Actuators,  Aerospace Bearings,  Sulphur Analysers,  Electric Actuators,  System Packages Analysers,  Thermal Conductivity Analysers,  180 Degree Actuators,  Thermogravimetric Analysers,  Zeta Potential Analysers,  Logic Analysers,  Alcohol Analysers,  CEMS Analysers,  Chemical Analysers,  Chloride Analysers,  Chlorine Analysers,  Chromate Analysers,  Chromatograph Analysers,  Colour Analysers,  Combustion Analysers,  Composition Analysers,  Conductivity Analysers,  Analysers,  Carbon Monoxide Analysers,  Carbon Dioxide Analysers,  Bus Analysers,  Aluminium Analysers,  Amino Acid Analysers,  Ammonia Analysers,  Amplitude Analysers,  Audio Analysers,  Automotive Exhaust Emission Analysers,  Biochemistry Analysers,  Biotech Process Analysers,  Body Analyser System (BOD) Analysers,  Boiler Feed Water Analysers,  ATEX Equipment,  CV Analysers,  Dissolved Oxygen Analysers,  Distillation Analysers,  Heavy Metal Analysers,  Houses Analysers,  Hydrocarbon Analysers,  Hydrocarbon Dew Point Analysers,  Hydrogen Analysers,  Hydrogen Sulphide Analysers,  Impedance Analysers,  Infrared Analysers,  Ion Analysers,  ISE Analysers,  Harmonics Analysers,  Grain Analysers,  Glucose Analysers,  Electrogravimetry Analysers,  Electrolyte Analysers,  Enzyme Analysers,  Balances,  Fatty Acids Analysers,  FFT Analysers,  FID Analysers,  Flow Injection Analysers,  Fluoride Analysers,  Frequency Analysers,  Gas Analysers,  Liquid Analysers,  Bearings,  Bench Top,  Blenders & Blending,  Brakes,  Cabinets,  Cables & Cabling,  Calibration


HBM Exhibit Its Award Winning Range At PPMA Show 2017

2017-07-19 06:10:00

Stand E36
HBM – a market leader in the field of weighing technology – will be exhibiting its world leading range of load cells and weighing electronics for checkweighers, packaging and filling and sorting machines at this year’s PPMA Total Show on the 26-28th September 2017 at the NEC Birmingham.

Weight Sensor Incorporated With PW20i Load Cells Develops Weighing & Packaging Machines

2017-07-07 06:54:49

When LGC Automation in France decided to develop its weighing and packaging machines, fitting a weight sensor which incorporated PW20i load cells from HBM – a market leader in the field of test and measurement – was the obvious answer.

New C Series Strain Gauges Cope With Modern Temperatures Below 250 ° C

2017-06-28 05:45:58

Now available from HBM – a market leader in the field of test and measurement – is the latest range of C Series Strain Gauges (SG’s), specifically developed to cope with modern temperatures (below 250 ° C) and minimise strain due to expansion.

Force Transducer Specifically Designed For Static Measurement

2017-06-26 12:26:16

Now available from HBM – a market leader in the field of test and measurement – is the U1A Force Transducer, which is the latest addition to its comprehensive range of force sensors and load cells.

Maintenance Free Torque Transducer With Integrated Electronics That Require No Additional Amplifier

2017-06-21 02:58:59

HBM – a market leader in the field of test and measurement – is pleased to announce that its T22 torque transducer is now available with three new nominal (rated) torques of 0.5 Nm, 1 Nm and 2Nm, making it a cost-effective and flexible solution.

Latest Research Shows Video In Data Collection Is Increasing

2017-06-08 05:53:59

A recent survey, conducted by HBM – a leader in the field of test and measurement - shows that video use is accelerating in data collection

All-in-one Load Cell Solution With Integrated Functions For Check Weighing, Filling And Batching

2017-06-07 02:49:15

HBM – a market leader in the field of test and measurement – is pleased to announce the arrival of its new PW15iA Digital load cell, which offers a flexible and cost-effective solution to a wide range automated applications.

High-speed Optical Tunable Filter For Demanding Applications

2017-05-09 06:21:03

Now available from HBM – a market leader in the field of test and measurement – is the new high speed optical tuneable FS02 BraggMETER filter, which is suitable for both static and dynamic optical filtering applications.

Complete PACEline CLP Range Reaches Parts Other Load Washers Can’t Reach!

2017-05-08 08:10:41

HBM – a market leader in the field of test and measurement – is pleased to announce the launch of three new piezoelectric miniature force washers, which enable force to be measured at locations where standard force sensors cannot be installed.

Revolutionarily Process Measurement Systems on Show at Offshore Wind Energy 2017

2017-05-03 05:45:54

Stand: N-A14
HBM – a leader in the field of test and measurement – will once again be exhibiting its latest range of revolutionarily measurement systems, at this year’s Offshore Wind Energy 2017 exhibition, which takes place on the 6-8th June at London ExCeL.


Product Range

Load cells

Load cells

Innovative and reliable:
 HBM provides the optimal load cell for your application. Rely on the competence of the worldwide market and technology leader in weighing technology. 

  • Beam load cells
  • Torsion ring load cells
  • Single point load cells
  • Digital load cells
  • Cannister load cells
  • S-type load cells
  • Force load cells
  • Weighing modules
  • Accessories

QuantumX data acquisition systems

QuantumX data acquisition systems

HBM's that provides the extra added value for your demanding projects in test and measurement: QuantumX by HBM. Data acquisition at the highest level: small, fast, universal.

Upgraded and exponentially enhanced to the power of "X" to give you fascinating, new opportunities: XXL flexibility. XXL efficiency. XXL reliability. Demand more for your measurement tasks. Demand QuantumX! QuantumX provides you with extra added value for your projects - and, at the same time, offers the uncompromisingly high quality you expect from HBM.

  • 24-bit A/D converter on each channel
  • Support for all current transducer technologies
  • Advanced Plug and Measure (APM) for immediate setup and measurement.

Strain gauges & accessories

Strain gauges & accessories

HBM's range of comprises an extensive assortment for the most widely differing applications – from experimental stress analysis, durability testing through transducer manufacturing.

Additionally, HBM offers you all the necessary accessories and components for the installation of your strain gauge.

Torque Transducers

Torque Transducers

The HBM torque range includes torque transducers and torque flanges, as well as non-rotational torque transducers for measuring reactions. A proven range of couplings is also available for torque transducers.