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Landia Ltd
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What we do Make top quality pumps and mixers
Where we supply UK
Who we supply to wastewater and biogas industries
Why you should use us Our pumps and mixers last - and we care about our customers.


  • Street: Waymills Industrial Estate
  • Town: Whitchurch
  • Postcode: SY13 1TT
  • Country: United Kingdom


  • Telephone: +44 (0) 194 8661 200
  • Fax: +44 (0) 194 8661 201
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Landia Ltd


Family-owned Food Manufacturer Selects Landia’s Wastewater Aeration System

2017-07-04 08:00:26

Roberts of Port Dinorwic, the acclaimed family-owned food manufacturer, has introduced a new Landia aeration system to enhance its wastewater process.

Food Waste To Energy Facility Boosts Biogas With Landia Digester Mixing System

2017-07-03 11:35:49

Following the successful performance of its chopper pumps at a food waste to energy facility in Chino, California, full service environmental engineering consultant and contractor ES Engineering has introduced Landia’s GasMix system at the same site to help boost gas production from the facility’s two anaerobic digesters.

Expanding AD Plant Awards Pumping, Mixing, Ensiling & Pasteurisation Equipment Contract

2017-05-24 05:18:07

Landia has been awarded an important new turnkey contract in Scotland to supply pumping, mixing, ensiling and pasteurization equipment for fish morts that will be utilised as feedstock for an expanding AD plant.

GasMix system Helps London’s largest independent AD food waste recycling plant

2017-05-01 10:01:06

In tackling London’s food waste, of which it processes 75,000 tonnes pa, BIO Collectors’ Paul Killoughery almost nonchalantly describes the 1.7MW electricity produced as ‘the easiest thing we do’.

New BioBuster AD Pre-treatment Launched

2017-04-18 06:30:51

On Stand Number K201 at UK AD & Biogas (Birmingham NEC July 5 & 6), Landia will be launching BioBuster, a new non-pumping pre-treatment that dramatically breaks down solid matter to enhance the performance of an AD plant.

GasMix systems Help Increase Biogas by 12.5%

2017-03-21 06:37:04


Since its formation in 1993, Eco Sustainable Solutions has always looked for improvement with a total commitment to innovation that has distinguished itself in renewable energy.

Landia’s Pasteuriser & Mixers Help Fre-energy’s Next Generation Agriculture

2017-02-06 07:36:29

Describing your highly innovative technology as ‘a slurry tank with a lid on’ is unlikely to win any marketing awards, but with nine successful farm-based AD plants in the UK and a new worldwide patent, Fre-energy’s simple grit-removal system could make it the must-have agricultural installation.

AD/Biogas Mixer Manufacturer Claims Energy Savings Of Up To 50%

2017-01-27 08:24:37

AD Operators and water companies can reduce the energy usage of their digester pumps and mixers by up to 50%, according to leading manufacturer, Landia.

Aeration Equipment Helps Aerate Poultry Wastewater

2017-01-17 21:47:06

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Landia’s AirJet is playing a key role in the success of the aeration and wastewater system for a major poultry processor.

Is It Time To Tear Up The Handbook Of Determining SCFM?

2017-01-04 08:51:06

If energy-efficient Aeration is not your priority – even when it is well documented that Aeration accounts for a pretty staggering 50-70 per cent of a treatment plant’s power consumption – then please, turn the page.


Product Range

Acid-Proof Stainless Steel Chopper Pumps

Acid-Proof Stainless Steel Chopper Pumps

Ideally suited to chop, mix and pump coarse solid particles, these new acid-proof chopper pumps can be utilised in very harsh environments without the worry of corrosion, subsequent failure and costly replacement.

Furthermore, Landia's innovative knife system eliminates downtime because unlike conventional products, the chopper pump does not clog up or have to be regularly removed from use for cleaning or inspection.

Available as a submersible pump, dry-installed pump or as a long shaft pump for wet-well installations, Landia's chopper pump is also suitable for processing sludge in a wide range of industrial effluents.


BioChop Fish Silage Tank

BioChop Fish Silage Tank

Landia’s new free-standing BioChop Fish Silage Tank processes by-products such as bones and intestines (even rejected whole fish) into a thin product that can be pumped to a tanker for future use, such as a biogas plant.

Developed specifically to meet the requirements of the fish processing industry, the Biochop is designed with rugged shredder propeller and a specially designed knife system to deal with all kinds of fish remnants.  The system also has the option of automatic acid dosing for when liquid needs to be stored for extended periods.

The resulting residual product from Landia’s Biochop can also be refined for use or sale as valuable raw materials such as animal feed, as well as an energy-efficient substrate for AD plants.

In addition to significant cost savings on labour, transport and disposal, Landia’s Biochop minimises foul odours and prevents pests from entering residual products.

BioMover Mixer

BioMover Mixer

Landia’s BioMover mixer ensures full contact between bacteria and nutrients, without damaging the biofilm carriers in MBBR and IFAS processes.

Designed specifically for biofilm carrier mixing, in which Landia has over 15 years worldwide experience, BioMover produces propeller tip speeds from only four to eight m/sec to ensure very gentle treatment of biofilm carriers and sludge.

BioMover’s stainless steel propeller with its wide blades and low tip speed provides guaranteed gentle and energy efficient mixing to keep solids in suspension and prevent biomass from settling on the tank floor - as well as keeping sieves free from clogging.

Compatible with all types of biofilm carriers, Landia’s low life-cycle cost BioMover is extremely durable, available in cast iron with a two-component epoxy coating, or in stainless steel.

Floating Airjet

Floating Airjet

Designed to be suspended on pontoons, making it ideal for lagoons when adjusting to liquid levels, The Floating Air Jet has been added to Landia’s proven range of aeration and mixing systems.

Also available as an externally-mounted system for above-ground tanks, or as a free-standing or guide-rail mounted Submersible, Landia’s Air Jet uniquely combines a highly efficient air ejector with chopper pumps for optimum oxygen transfer rates.

Easy to install, even in flooded tanks, and suitable for operation where liquid levels vary, the self-aspirating Air Jet provides a completely non-clogging aeration system.

Capable of handling sewage, stormwater, industrial effluent and agricultural waste, this highly effective aerator boasts vigorous mixing capabilities, which as well as improving oxygen transfer, prevent sedimentation.

Submersible mixers

Submersible mixers

The submersible Landia mixers are available in so many different designs that it is always possible to find the optimal combination of the required raw strength, process requirements and the shortest possible operating time to minimise energy consumption, wear and noise level.