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Processing Oily Wastewater Efficiently


-H2O GmbH at Midest

By using the right processing methods for oily wastewater, users save money. The leaders in zero liquid discharge production at H2O GmbH will be on hand at Booth L 082 at Midest to explain how. Midest, the leading trade fair for the supply industry, will be held in Paris from 17th to 20th November.

Primarily for the metal processing and finishing industries, Midest offers integrated solutions for more efficient and sustainable production. An important component of this is proper wastewater treatment. That’s why H2O GmbH will be presenting its economical and environmentally friendly VACUDEST vacuum distillation system with Clearcat at the trade show.

VACUDEST evaporators safely process oleaginous and aliphatic industrial wastewater in a single step. The patented Clearcat technology is what makes this possible. Where other processes achieve the statutory discharged limits with a large amount of additional equipment and operational effort, the Clearcat condensation unit produces a crystal clear, virtually oil-free distillate. The processed water meets the requirements of even the strictest environmental standards and is ideally suited for re-use in processing.

This sustainable form of recycling not only saves valuable fresh water resources, it also reduces disposal costs by up to 98 per cent. Because of this, in most cases investing in a VACUDEST vacuum distillation system pays for itself in under two years.

Additional information on VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems and Clearcat technology is available at www.h2o-de.com.

H2O GmbH

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