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Atlas™ Magnetic Level Indicator

Atlas™ is our standard high-performance magnetic level indicator. ATLAS is a single chamber design with either a 2”, 2 1⁄2”, or 3” chamber diameter, as required by the application. There are twelve basic configuration styles including top mount models.

ATLAS MLIs are produced in a wide range of materials, including exotic alloys and plastics. We also offer the most complete selection of process connection types and sizes in the industry. ATLAS can be equipped with a variety of level transmitters and switches as well as flag and shuttle indicators with or without stainless steel scales.

This enables ATLAS to be a complete level and monitoring control. ATLAS may be equipped with the external mount Jupiter, magnetostrictive transmitter, or with an Eclipse Guided Wave radar in an enlarged cage.

Operating Principle

A change of level in the process tank corresponds to a similar change within the ATLAS chamber. In response to the level movement, the ATLAS float moves accordingly, actuating the flags or shuttle for visual indication.


  • Feedwater heaters
  • Industrial boilers
  • Oil water separators
  • Flash drums
  • Surge tanks
  • Gas chillers


  • Broad range of chamber styles
  • Fabricated non-magnetic chambers
  • ANSI and DIN flanges
  • Precision manufactured float
  • Flag or shuttle type indicator


  • Level switches
  • Level transmitters
  • Stainless steel scale standard
  • Customer scales

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