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Echotel 961/962

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Echotel® 961 And 962 Single And Dual Point Ultrasonic Level Switches

Echotel 961/962 series are used to detect high or low level alarm(s) in a broad range of liquids. Pulsed signal technology provides superior performance in applications suffering from foam, aeration, heavy turbulence and suspensions containing solids. ECHOTEL 961 has a tip sensitive setpoint and is ideally used as high or

ECHOTEL 961 has a tip sensitive setpoint and is ideally used as high or low-level alarm. ECHOTEL 962 offers 2 setpoints on the same transducer, a tip sensitive setpoint and a second setpoint via a flow-through upper gap. The unit is used for level alarm or to control a pump in an auto fill/empty mode.

The Enhanced Eclipse® Model 705 is a 24 VDC loop-powered transmitter based upon the revolutionary guided wave radar (GWR) technology. This single transmitter can be used with all probe types and offers enhanced reliability, as demonstrated by a Safe Failure Fraction of 91%, allowing it to be used in SIL 3 loops.

This ECLIPSE guided wave radar transmitter is designed to provide measurement performance well beyond that of many traditional technologies. The innovative, patented enclosure is a first in the industry orienting both wiring and electronics compartments in the same plane; and, angled to maximize ease of wiring, configuration and data display.

The ECLIPSE Model 705 transmitter supports the FDT/DTM standard, and a PACTware™ PC software package allows for additional configuration and troubleshooting flexibility.

Operating Principle

ECLIPSE guided wave radar is based upon the technology of TDR (time domain reflectometry). TDR utilizes pulses of electromagnetic energy transmitted down a probe. When a pulse reaches a surface that has a higher dielectric than the air/vapor in which it is traveling, the pulse is reflected. An ultra high-speed timing circuit precisely measures the transit time and provides an accurate level measurement.

ECLIPSE GWR can be utilized to detect overall level or interface level, and when used with a HART® splitter, it can transmit two 4-20 mA signals.


  • Petroleum Refining – Liquefied Gases, Crude Storage, Distillation Columns, Blending Tanks, Finished Product Storage
  • Power Generation – Feedwater Heaters, Deaerators, Condensate Tanks, Finished Product Storage
  • Chemical – Chemical Injection, Mixing and Blending, Scrubber Vessels, Finished Product Storage
  • Water & Wastewater – Clarifier Level, Sludge Level, Lime Slurry Level
  • Pulp & Paper – Pulp Storage, Pulp Washing Systems, Bar Screens, Finished Product Storage
  • Food & Beverage – Ingredient Storage, Mixing Vessels, Cookers, Finished Product Storage
  • Pharmaceutical – Reactors, Buffer Prep, CIP Applications, Finished Product Storage


  • Low dielectric measurement capability (εr >_ 1.4)
  • Volumetric output
  • Quick connect/disconnect probe coupling
  • Operates in visible vapours and ignores most foams
  • IS, XP, and Non-Incendive approvals
  • Ignores coating buildup


  • Foundation fieldbus™ or PROFIBUS PA digital outputs
  • Display/keypad
  • Local remote mounting
  • Interface measurement

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