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Fike Explosion flap valves

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Passive Explosion Isolation Solution

ValvEx® is an explosion isolation valve that prevents explosions from spreading through industrial installations. ValvEx® is a ‘passive’ valve, meaning it is closed by the explosion pressure itself. Unlike most valves, it resets itself automatically after an explosion event.

ValvEx® is third party tested and ATEX certified making this valve suitable for use in processes which involve combustible materials.  Examples include chemical and pharmaceutical processes, as well as power, food and wood industries.

Vents And Passive Isolation Are The Ideal Solution

Venting is the most commonly used method to protect dust collectors against destruction or deformation as a result of the excessive forces exerted by explosion pressure.

ValvEx® and venting form an ideal combination to protect dust collectors. Both ValvEx® and vents are passive explosion protection solutions, meaning they do not require detection nor controls to fulfil their safety function.

Protect People And Property

A dust deposit with the thickness of a paper clip is sufficient to support explosion propagation throughout a process. Help avoid the risks of a propagating dust explosion by contacting a Fike expert to discuss ValvEx® and venting solutions for your business.

A dust collector is used to collect nuisance dust from a manufacturing area keeping the work area clean. The collector is set up in a pull configuration, the fan installed on discharge side of the collector. The collector is located outdoors and protected by the explosion vents.
Explosion propagation upstream towards a manned workstation is blocked by the rapid closure of the ValvEx.

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