• FLIR T600-Series LWIR Cameras

FLIR T600-Series LWIR Cameras

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If you need a thermal research camera with high-resolution thermal and daylight imagery, small spot size for precise results, and reliable temperature measurement accuracy – all at an affordable price – the FLIR T600 Series has the camera you need.


  • 640 × 480 LWIR resolution
  • Low noise with NETD of <20mk
  • Optional up to 2,000°C temperature measurement
  • Integrated daylight camera
  • On-camera real-time temperature calibrated movie recording at 30fps
  • Versatile data transfer and storage
  • New easy to navigate user interface
  • Includes ResearchIR 4.0 software
  • MSX® Thermal Image Enhancement
  • UltraMax™ for up to 1.2 mp thermal resolution

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