• FLIR X6900sc MWIR Camera

FLIR X6900sc MWIR Camera

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High-Speed, High-Sensitivity Cameras for R&D and Science Applications

The FLIR X6800sc/X6900sc are fast, highly sensitive midwave cameras designed for scientists, researchers, and engineers. With advanced triggering and on-camera RAM/SSD recording, these camera offers the functionality to stop motion on high-speed events both in the lab and at the test range.

With a blazing-fast speed of 1004 fps at full resolution, the X6900sc is the world’s fastest commercially-available 640 x 512 thermal camera. This camera records full window data to on-camera RAM for up to 26 sec. – perfectly blending the latest high-speed visible camera features with the outstanding thermal technology you expect from FLIR.

The X6800sc offers fast frame rates too – up to 502 fps at full resolution – but can record to on-camera RAM for more than 51 seconds with zero dropped frames. Play back from internal RAM or save to the removable FLIR DVIR solid-state drive in just 90 seconds and be ready to begin a new recording.


  • Captures 640 x 512 data at up to 1004 fps (X6900sc)
  • On-camera full-frame recording to RAM for up to 51 sec. (X6800sc)
  • Four-position motorised filter wheel, with automatic filter recognition
  • Multiple digital data outputs of GigE simultaneously with CL or CXP
  • Advanced timing and triggering options
  • Thermal sensitivity of <20 mK, for detecting subtle temperature changes
  • Works seamlessly with FLIR ResearchIR Max or third-party software, such as Matlab

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