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A sanitary, batch type, multi-functional, fluidised bed processor used for grinding, agglomeration, coating and drying.

The combination of fluidised bed with various blades and rotating discs means different processes can be realised in a single machine thereby reducing the need for multi-step processing with the following benefits:

  • Possible to produce agglomerates from a solution or slurry in one step
  • Products which are difficult to agglomerate in conventional spray dryers can be agglomerated in a batch process, therefore reducing production costs
  • Spray drying and agglomeration can be combined in one apparatus
  • Granulation or micro-granulation of ultra fines powders, spray granulation from slurry are the typical applications of this fluid bed processor
  • The machine can be used for complete and continuous mixing and drying of powder materials

Typical Applications:

  • Drying of fine granules
  • Cooling of fine granules
  • Micro-agglomeration of antibiotics for inhalation drugs

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