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Angle Disintegrator

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The Hosokawa Micron Angle Disintegrator offers the intense grinding and processing of wet and dry products and can automatically separate and reject non-friable material through the optional secondary discharge.

Materials enter at the top of the rotor and are subjected to repeated impact and attritional forces from the high speed rotating hammers, centrifugal force carrying the material through the 360° perforated screen. Easily changed screens ensure uniform reduction and continuous flow which in turn maintains low-temperature rise and cuts vibration which gives the benefit of a lower kW requirement. Manufactured to a hygienic standard. All process and non-process components manufactured from stainless steel.

RA Design – can also be fitted with a secondary outlet for separation of reject material.

Chemical, Sanitary and over-pressure designs are available.

The Hosokawa Micron Angle Disintegrator is specifically designed for:

  • Dry pulverising
  • Wet grinding
  • Dispersing/Mixing
  • Fine pulping and pureeing

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