• In-line Disintegrator

In-line Disintegrator

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Continuous in-line size reduction, dispersion and mixing of liquids, slurries and suspensions.

Developed from the well proven RD series of Vertical Hammer Mills, the In-Line Disintegrator offers effective mixing and delumping in pipe systems at up to 10bar g with the benefits of:

  • Belt drive for flexibility and speed adjustments
  • Quick opening for fast easy cleaning
  • Compact and robust in construction

Hard faced, rigid, rotating hammers subject feed materials to repeated impact and attritional forces. The tips of the hammers run at close clearance to a stainless steel screen perforated through 360˚. Centrifugal grinding action passes every particle through screens which are perforated through 360˚. Strainers are eliminated. This efficient design is able to handle fluids with high viscosities.

The basic mixing action is achieved by the intense turbulence and high shear rate created by the machine.

Special design machines are available for depositing and sticky materials including latex slurry, PVC slurry and Sulphur slurry.

Typical Applications:

  • Detergent and dyestuffs delumping upstream of spray dryers
  • Dispersing colour pigments
  • Intimate mixing and delumping of materials
  • Grinding in liquid suspension

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