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The Hosokawa Micron NanoCreator FCM is a continuous nano-particle production system for metal oxides.

High purity particles are created by the build up method that allows particles to be adjusted from a few nm to a few hundred nm. The NanoCreator FCM is able to create single component particles or multi-metal oxide components.

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Raw material, in solution is fed together with the reaction gas into the reactor. The raw material is then vaporised and nano particles are generated by a chemical reaction within the gas phase with the assistance of a flame. The critical step of the process is to collect the nano particles by rapid quenching before the occurrence of any grain size growth or particle agglomeration appears.

Nanocreator process

The system can produce nano particles consisting of multi-components with three structural patterns; core shell type, solid solution type and finely dispersed type. In principle these patterns are formed depending on raw materials and their concentrations during the particle formation. The ratio of individual components can be widely varied to optimise the quality of the final products.

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