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The Hosokawa Optisizer, on-line measuring system, for continuous particle sizing during the production process, allows engineers to quickly identify out of specification product and take action to remedy this – preventing product wastage, maintaining product quality and minimising unnecessary costs. Engineers can also assess the effects of any process change on the finished product. Reliable data is automatically fed to the plant and control system to allow for optimum process control.

With high-performance accuracy within an easy to use and compact unit, that is the most cost-effective on the market, the Hosokawa Optisizer is a vital tool for powder and bulk solids producers looking to:

  • Eliminate problems associated with manual sampling
  • Operate plant at optimum efficiency
  • Minimise of-spec material produced
  • Increase plant throughput
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Troubleshoot potential equipment failure

Using laser diffraction technology the Optisizer offers the high levels of accuracy associated with a laboratory instrument but is built within a robust and ruggedized frame that makes the unit suitable for even the harshest conditions and able to withstand the vibrations encountered in production.

A sample is diverted from the main product flow passing through the sizing cell and back into the main process stream. Laser light scattered from the particles is collected by the detector and transferred to the computer where the size is calculated.

Continuous monitoring of particle size by the Optisizer can support Hosokawa Micron’s Performance Improvement Solutions service, providing real-time, accurate data on which production decision can be made with confidence.

In-Process v Manual Sampling

  • Operator error associated with manual sampling is eliminated
  • In-process delivers real time measurements
  • Closed system eliminates dust contaminants

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