• BAESNZ Series Water / Oil Heat Exchangers

BAESNZ Series Water / Oil Heat Exchangers

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BAESNZ series

  • Aluminium fins ensure large degree of heat exchange.
  • Cooling capacity up to 1000 Kw.
  • Flow rates up to 1200 lpm.
  • Optimised for maximum performance.
  • Flange connections allow cooler to be rotated through 90 degrees.
  • Maximum pressure 35 bar oil / 16 bar water.
  • Internal bypass valve available as an option

These further benefits available on request:

  • Sea water version
    - Certifications for marine applications
    - Compressed-air application
  • Water-Water application
    - Stainless steel version or chemically nickel plated

For a wide range of industrial applications. This range is particularly effective due to the additional cooling area, and offers a heat exchange performance of 1000 kW. This is produced by aluminium fins, which are pushed over the bank of tubes with metal-to-metal contact. The BAESNZ range of heat exchangers has a cooling surface of from 0.43m² to 56m². The BAESNZ series is constructed of 43 basic units.

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