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Pressure Sensor

You require precise pressure monitoring so that you can reli­ably measure pressure differences and/or system pressures? The METPOINT® PRM pressure sensor puts you on the safe side. Its superior measuring accuracy and reliability ensures the protection of your plants and production. What’s more, the METPOINT® PRM allows you to optimise the monitoring of your compressors and increase the energy efficiency of your processes.

The METPOINT® PRM pressure sensor detects the relative pressure (gauge pressure) in gaseous and liquid media and transforms this measured value into a linear output signal. Pressure sensors transform the physical pressure into a pressure-proportional electrical signal.

As regards the METPOINT® PRM, sensors of the thin-film technology are employed. The body and membrane of a metal thin-film sensor consist of a 1.4548 stainless-steel material. On the membrane side that faces away from the medium, insulation layers, strain gauges, compensating resistors, and conductors are applied with a combination of chemical and physical methods, and are photolithographically structured through etching. The layers of the resistors and electrical conductors applied on the sensor are considerably thinner than a micrometer and are, therefore, called thin-film resistors.

Due to the materials used, the metal thin-film sensor boasts very good resistance to many media, and it is insensitive to shocks and vibration impacts.

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