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Plug-on displays METPOINT® UD01/UD02

Many production and treatment processes can only be run efficiently if real-time data is available on site. Without this information, it is impossible to closely monitor the quality of applications and processes and take swift action, if the need arises.

The METPOINT ® UD01 and UD02 plug-on displays make measuring data available directly at the transducer - where you need it. You are then in a position to evaluate the quality of your processes in real time right at the plant, enabling you to intervene quickly should it be necessary. Simply mount the device on your transducer.

Apart from displaying the current process parameters, the plug-on displays also allow for the transfer of the measurements to a data logger such as the METPOINT ® BDL or to a master control system.

The UD02 plug-on display comes with two integrated alarm contacts that enable you to implement visual and acoustic alarm signals.

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