• ICP DAS Modbus Data Concentrator

ICP DAS Modbus Data Concentrator

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MDC-700 series is a Modbus Data Concentrator used to access data from disparate Modbus slave devices with a contiguous Modbus address table ranged by the concentrator. Up to 240 Modbus/RTU commands can be performed to read data from Modbus slave devices via RS-232/485, and up to 8 Modbus/TCP masters are allowed to get the polled data via the Ethernet. The Modbus/TCP masters directly read/write the data in the MDC-700 instead of polling each Modbus/RTU slave device one by one. This way not only makes the data on the RS-232/485 sharable to multiple Modbus/TCP master but also shorten the time to read/write data from/to multiple Modbus/RTU slave devices.

Editing the Modbus/RTU commands for accessing the Modbus RTU slaves is simple and convenient with Comma Separated Values (CSV) format. In addition, a web-based user interface is provided to configure the concentrator and remotely monitor the state of the connection of Modbus RTU slaves.

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