• Rotation Monitor - Analogue Output

Rotation Monitor - Analogue Output

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Programmable frequency to current convertor, receives input pulses and determines the input frequency on the basis of the period measurement.

It generates an output analogue standard signal (0/4...20mA or 0...10V).
Proportional to the calculated frequency/rotational speed.

The transistor and relay outputs switch when adjustable limit values are exceeded or not reached. This allows for example, reliable overspeed and standstill detection in one unit.

It is used as a measurement converter, for example, as an infeed to analogue measuring or recording instruments and PLC input cards or it is used as speed input for frequency converters.

The DD2503 monitors the rotational speed of 1 channel with 2 separately adjustable limit values. A separate output is assigned to each limit value.

There are also monitors available with 2 separate input channels, each having 1 switch point.

  • Monitoring of two limit values with separate output relays
  • Configurable functions, speed-proportional analogue output
  • Configurable functions - underspeed/overspeed
  • Up to 60,000 PPM (1000Hz)
  • AC/DC Supply Voltages
  • -40 to +60 Deg Celsius
  • OLED display

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