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JC1 Jaw crusher

Designed and developed by the engineers from Glen Creston in conjunction with our customers’ engineers for a special application in the field of re-cycling. .

The JC1 Jaw crusher is originally intended for crushing spent fuel pellets for the energy industry, but can also crush many other samples – Alloys, Bones, Cement, Coal, Coke, Glass, Minerals and many more.

The JC1 Jaw crusher is a small stainless steel construction which is fitted with tungsten carbide jaw plates and side liners. It has a 0 – 10mm vernier jaw gap adjustment to allow accurate control of the product particle size and will accept feed up to 40 mm. The movable jaw plate is also fitted with a system to prevent crusher damage in the event of uncrushable material being introduced.

The JC1 can also be fitted with a stainless steel base frame complete with discharge tray that is sealed against the frame when correctly inserted and a “tray present” sensor that prevents crusher operation if the tray is not inserted correctly.

The JC1 can be driven by either a single phase or three phase 1.1 kW motor and power transmission to the jaws is by standard V belt.

Because all contact parts are either Tungsten carbide of stainless steel the JC1 is also suitable for crushing any material where contamination needs to be avoided.

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