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AIR HOISTS MEET FOOD INDUSTRY HYGIENE REQUIREMENTSAir operated hoists and handling equipment from J D Neuhaus meet the highest standards of performance-, reliability and economy set by general industry including offshore applications. Now, however, they are also able to supply products to comply with the cleaning and hygiene levels for food industry installations.

These air hoists feature a patented motor brake system, which does not require supplementary lubrication. This prevents the emission of oil droplets in the exhaust air, with further attention also having been paid to ease of cleaning, low maintenance and maximum corrosion resistance. The products are unaffected by the sort of dusty atmospheres created when handling powder or granulated ingredients, and are equally impervious to washdown or chemical cleaning procedures.

Hoists and trolleys are nickel plated to provide smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces, while stainless steel chains, load sleeves and lift hooks can replace these external exposed elements. A reduction in the number of components has also increased reliability, improved operating economy and reduced routine maintenance.

The JDN range of products currently available for food industry applications include the Profi series hoists and trolleys rated for 250 – 2000kg lift operations. Low headroom hoists rated from 500 – 2000kg can also be supplied, together with ultra-low monorail hoists covering from 4-16 tonnes capacity. Big bag handling hoists in single hook (1 tonne), and twin hook (2 tonne) variations can also be supplied.

All JDN handling equipment is particularly eco friendly and very robust, suitable for continuous operation even in adverse conditions of dust, humidity and temperature. The reduced sound pressure level minimises workplace noise stress, with reduced air consumption and lower energy costs being additional advantages. All equipment is easy to install, with over-load, anti-climb and anti-drop safety features. The monorail trolleys can be hand, chain or motor operated, with all models able to negotiate on curved rails. Sensitive infinitely-variable speed control for the precise positioning of loads is provided via pendent hand controllers.

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