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All in the mix for personal care

Industrial Tomography Systems

Industrial Tomography Systems (ITS) has announced the launch of the MIX-ITOMETER

Designed to optimise industrial mixing processes, this powerful tool improves efficiency and delivers revolutionary insights for cosmetic and personal care manufacturers.

The MIX-ITOMETER uses volumetric imaging to present a cross-sectional view of the entire process volume in real time.  Data is captured by the system’s monitoring sensor which surveys more than 200 locations within the container in order to measure average concentration as well as mixing index.

This exceptional level of accuracy and detail is unique to the MIX-ITOMETER; providing a distinct advantage over standard technologies which rely on relatively limited point measurements.  Its industrial PC-based interface also offers operators the option of even greater process visualisation by generating 3D images.

This comprehensive information vastly improves process efficiencies by eliminating downtime due to sampling stoppages, enabling poorly mixed regimes or mixing caverns to be identified and optimising batch mixing times and in-line quality thresholds.

“We know from working with customers such as Unilever, GlaxoSmithKline and Colgate, that the texture and feel of products in this sector is essential to their success; meaning individual mixing processes must meet exacting specifications.  The challenge facing manufacturers is how to achieve a quality outcome, while still optimising productivity.

“Extensive testing of the MIX-ITOMETER with market leading manufacturers in wide ranging applications – from bodywash and shampoo to toothpaste and moisturiser – confirmed its significant potential and benefits on an industrial scale,” comments Ken Primrose, CEO for Industrial Tomography Systems.

An integrated three part system comprising sensor, control instrumentation and software, the MIX-ITOMETER is ideally suited to industrial environments.  Its monitoring sensor is available as a linear probe for batch mixing in existing vessels, or as a spool piece where in-line mixers are used to blend formulations. Data is output as a 4-20mA signal for seamless process control; such as activating a mixer when a new ingredient is detected and turning off once the mixture is homogenous.  While the sensitive sensor control instrumentation is housed in a robust, climate controlled, metal cabinet designed to reduce the risk of damage.

For more information go to: www.itoms.com

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